Thornapple Township, MI

We love the BS&A product, but it is the superior level of “customer service” that I appreciate most of all. These are experts who know their product, inside and out! One of their tax reps once told me to use the “5 minute rule”…if the customer (me!) has spent more than five minutes trying to figure something out, they should stop and call for BS&A support! And I do! One huge specific I can give you is a really big one: The County changed more than 200 parcel numbers for 2010, and word of this didn’t get the Township Treasurer’s office till early June, as we were doing summer tax prep work. We thought of many different ways these new parcel numbers could be a problem if not addressed promptly with property owners, mortgage companies, etc., especially when it came to issuing the tax amounts due for the escrow customers. BS&A, while never given such a task previously, worked with me IMMEDIATELY AND COMPLETELY to add data to certain fields in the assessing program, to be carried into the tax program, and generate a report for the escrow firms so they were aware of the PPN changes and could pay the taxes utilizing the new PPN’s. This was no small task, but BS&A rose to meet our needs and help us do this….quickly and flawlessly. Our BS&A tax support person worked with their assessing support person and their program writer, and collectively they worked with us to meet our needs! They wrote and rewrote the necessary program tweaks until it was exactly what we needed to get the job done!

Even during the busiest times of the year when all of us “tax program” customers are bombarding them all at once for help, the wait time is minimal! We also appreciate that they NEVER make us feel “stupid” when we call for sometime we should already know! Certain functions are only performed once a year, so it’s easy to forget; we love that they give us a reminder when we need it without talking down to us. There have been a couple times (not many!) when we’ve simply made a silly mistake on our end and couldn’t figure out how to fix it on our own….BS&A to the rescue!