• When I took office for the City of Rochester in January 2012, I quickly realized that we needed to look at some systemic changes to improve the efficiency of our processes.  I began looking at multiple financial software packages and I kept coming back to one…BS&A Software.  I made contact with the referrals and learned that the program was extremely popular.  I scheduled an onsite demonstration for my staff and we were quickly sold on its functionality and versatility.  Having a background in Information Technology as my past career, I am very critical and knowledgeable when it comes to data, design, and implementation.  BS&A met and exceeded my expectations.  The customer service is superb!  I am looking forward to a long working relationship with the company.

  • The City of Flagler Beach is extremely pleased with our move to BS&A Software. While our town is a slice of old Florida, we really needed software that would bring us into the 21st Century; BS&A fit the bill. We have been up and running since October of 2012 and our staff cannot say enough about the friendly, helpful support staff of BS&A, they are simply the best.

    Training sessions were concentrated toward the person/s using each module and trainers made sure we were as comfortable as possible with the new software before they left. Of course, support is available by email or by phone and another great feature is you can also browse the “Online Support Community”. With a click of a button, you can tap into a massive amount of topics using the search feature or you can look at other users’ questions and comments regarding a topic and find clear answers to frequently asked questions.

    We love the Purchase Order and Accounts Payable process, since our city does not have a centralized Purchasing Department. Our Department Heads are able to enter PO’s, scan required backup and the whole approval process runs through our email. All Department Heads are able to run expense reports and drill down into their line items to see where the money has been spent. The fact that everyone in the city is a part of the actual software has been great for us as a team builder!! My favorite part is documents are scanned and attached!!! I feel that one day we will become completely paperless thanks to this software.

    General Ledger, one of the most valuable tools for me, is being able to scan the backup and attach to the Journal Entry; this will be a big improvement for audit, save the time finding copies, making copies for their files, savings on paper, ink not to mention staff time. From the GL Detail you can drill all the way down to the beginning of the transactions and view the attachments to those entries. We are just getting ready for Budget, so I can’t wait to see how the new software will help us with this task.

    We were able to bring our Payroll back in house by purchasing the Payroll Module and are in the process of having our entire city use the Timesheets Module, which will not only speed up the entire payroll process, it will also cut down on keying errors. As with all the modules, the payroll process is very user friendly, and off course if we get stuck, we simply send an email to BS&A directly from the module; their response time is incredibly quick. The savings for our city when we stopped outsourcing payroll helped convince the elected officials to approve the purchase of new software.

    Our Finance Staff points out the following while operating Purchase Order, Accounts Payable, Utility Billing and Cash Receipts:

    • BS&A is saving us so much time especially in the areas of entering payments and tasks such as adding late fees on accounts and printing door tags. What took hours with our previous software now takes minutes with BS&A.
    • We have improved our customer service by accepting Web payments.
    • We no longer have to print large reports and use a ton of paper, with BS&A everything can be saved to a computer. This also will be extremely helpful when it comes to audit.
    • The ability to easily add comments to accounts is extremely helpful.
    • BS&A Software is extremely “user-friendly” and each module is modeled in the same way, so no matter what module you are working in, the look-up feature, tables, drill-down features and reporting are consistent.
    • BS&A Representatives are always patient and willing to “walk” us through the process of what we are trying to accomplish. The report type choices are numerous and if a specific report we need is not in the system, they are willing to help us find a way to make it possible.
    • The “real-time” feature is great because we always have up to the minute payment and receipting information for our staff and our customers.

    We are looking forward to adding Building Permits to our City this month which means for the first time the City of Flagler Beach will be operating one software program, instead of each department doing their own thing.

  • The Village of Brown Deer is proud to be the first Wisconsin client of BS&A!  We completed extensive research on BS&A and contacted over 25 references and did not receive anything negative from any of those communities.  It was clear at that time and is crystal clear now after having been a client for over a year, that BS&A is a solid organization with great trainers and support staff and a product that is far superior to those in the market currently.

    The benefits that BS&A offers will improve your operation tenfold!  The software is very cost friendly and is well worth every dollar paid and then some.  In most situations you dread software conversions, but BS&A and their staff take the extra time and effort to walk you through every step of the way and will ensure that things are done right.  I am more than pleased with how the system is set up and running.  We experienced a very smooth conversion even working with the programmers to design reports and features that are specific to the State of Wisconsin.  My favorite parts of the software are the budget feature in general ledger and ease of exporting reports into excel.

    I would recommend BS&A to every community looking for software.  The product, support, and sales team is more than I could have ever asked for!

  • I would like to take this opportunity to let you know how happy the City of Crystal River is with the decision to move to BS&A software.

    We were considering changing software providers for our financial, payroll, utility billing, and building operations. We decided to issue an RFP to see what was available and to determine if we could find some cost savings in the process. I was contacted by Steve Rennell from BS&A about the bid requests. I was not familiar with this software, but told him we would be happy to look at his bid.

    We decided to allow BS&A to come give us a demonstration of the software. All of the Finance Dept. employees attended the demonstration and we were all impressed with what we saw. The modules were all user friendly and easy to understand. It appeared that this software offered everything we were looking for, at the price which would save the City money in the budget.

    After looking at a couple of other software packages, we decided to proceed with BS&A. I was provided a timeline for the implementation process. The items on the timeline were followed precisely. When the dates for specific items on the timeline came up, the work was done.

    We did the actual implementation in January, 2012, and it was the most seamless implementation I have ever seen. The work was done on time and without problems. The costs quoted were exactly what we were billed. I was extremely impressed, as was our City Manager.

    One of the greatest strengths of BS&A is their customer service. Everyone we had contact with from the onset of this process has been very helpful and friendly. The trainers have been superior. When we have had questions, we contact the customer service representatives, and they have an answer for us right away.

    We have never waited more than 15 minutes for a response. Most of the time, the resolution of our problem is handled immediately. If there is additional research to be done to help us, we get a response back as soon as they have an answer for us. If it is going to take longer than what they feel is normal, we get either a phone call or an email explaining what is going on. We are never left wondering if our concerns are being addressed.

    Overall, this has been the best move we could have made. We use ten of the BS&A modules, all of which are wonderful. I would strongly encourage anyone who is looking for a new software package to take a serious look at this company. You will not be sorry!

  • Software transitions can be time consuming and amazingly detailed and Grand Haven’s was no exception. Advance planning with BS&A staff was both comprehensive and process oriented. Splitting our processes between what was “setup work” and what became “ongoing operations” helped us to keep proper focus on the tasks at hand. Data transition went very smoothly and retained all of the data we requested. On-site setup and training was timely and matched the ongoing process as much as possible. BS&A staff was cognizant of the pressure on City staff in the learning environment and timeframes and capably assisted City staff in every aspect of the software installation.

    BS&A’s staff was well-prepared from the outset, knew their software, the training process timeframes and matched our operational needs exactly. Where more training and review was needed, we already had built in additional time to get that accomplished. Task shifts, when they occurred, were easily managed. Every BS&A staffer we met was highly trained, professional and very approachable. Follow up questions were regularly asked, confirmations of completion were made and everything was tracked closely.

    Most of our “basic setup” completed, we are just beginning to review the additional “bells and whistles” that the software has made available to us.

    1. In General Ledger, we look forward to adding GASB & F-65 report setups, long range forecasting, timely cash and investment reporting and other features to our growing capabilities.

    2. In Payroll, we used BS&A for W-2’s in January, a process that was not seamless at all, but guided very well by BS&A staff.

    3. In Human Resources, we will attain new management abilities as we transition paper-bound data into the system.

    4. In Accounts Payable and Purchase Orders, we achieved paperless approvals by proper individuals of almost all invoices and PO’s, a process that speeds up the time from initial input to full approval documentation.

    5. We have taken a paperbound accounts receivable process and placed it all on computer with BS&A’s Miscellaneous Receivables.

    6. In Utility Billing, we now use electronic work orders for DPW staff and add comments to accounts which can be reviewed as needed. We also shifted from printing large reports to storing them as pdf files for later audit reviews.

    7. And the best news, those with appropriate access can review their information on our secure systems 24-7 and not have to wait for Finance Office hours or paging through paper files! (I just received a compliment from another City department head, thanking me for choosing BS&A Software. They were doing a report that “took hours” last year, but took “only minutes” this year.)

    Are we happy with the software, service, training, support and staff of BS&A? Oh, yes we are!

  • When you partner with BS&A, you get software that works great now, and helps communities move to the next level. Their software allowed us to easily move into a paperless environment. Now when auditors come, we don’t spend hours pulling invoices and journal entries only to re-file them again later. If we want to see the invoice or journal entry support, it’s all available in our system. I already got rid of an entire filing cabinet because I just don’t have the paper anymore!

    One of my favorite parts of BS&A is simply the ease of use of the software. Everything is intuitive and easy. I can see all of the transactions in an account just by clicking on the amount from a report. Before I had to close the report, move out of the report writing section, get into the chart of accounts section, look up the account number, then run another report just to see the transaction history. Now it’s one click, and the best part is—when I’m done, I am still in the report.

    The software was not oversold; everything that we were told during the demonstrations was 100% true! At some companies once the sale is done, you never talk to the sales teams again. At BS&A, the sales team made sure our implementation went smoothly and even continued to check in later to make sure we were happy.

    BS&A has also helped us improve our customer service by providing online payment options and ACH debit and e-billing for utility bills. Our customers have been asking for this for years!

    They look at each client as a partner, and truly listen to us if we have an idea on how to make our processes better. Rather than just saying, “this is how the software works”, they work with us to continuously make improvements on how the system works and adding functionality.

    They are big enough to provide us with great support, (i.e. talented programmers, implementation and support teams), but small enough that they still care about every client’s experience.

  • The Village of Libertyville transitioned to BS&A Financials in late 2011, and we are very happy with the software and support we’re receiving. I had been through a software conversion before and was dreading having to do this, but I can say that this was the easiest software conversion I have been through. Prior to the installation, BS&A met with the Village to discuss our operations, and when our software was installed, they had configured it to meet our needs.  Once the training began, we spent minimal time going through the set up; leaving more than sufficient time for training staff members on the use of the software.

  • The Village of Burr Ridge, Illinois has replaced its 15-year-old legacy financial software with new systems from BS&A Software.  After researching numerous software vendors and conducting on-site vendor demonstrations, the Village staff, hands down, selected BS&A as the new financial systems provider for the Village.

    In addition to great functionality, the systems work seamlessly together, have a streamline and easy-to- follow interfaces, were very easy to implement in a short time frame, and are constantly updated for the customers.

    One of the key points that BS&A stressed during the vendor demonstration was their great customer service and support.  Any vendor, during the sales portion of a system selection process, can boast about their support.  However, until you are a BS&A customer and are on the other end of a support call, you do not know how great their support really is.  The entire Village staff loves the software and the customer support they receive from BS&A.  We look forward to many years of service with their systems.

  • The greatest thing about BS&A Software’s Community Development suite is the ease of access to data. With a touch of a button and a click of a mouse, a whole plethora of information is available to the user. I am also impressed with the communication within the software – the programs are designed to work with one another.

    The BS&A program was already installed when I started working for the township. I quickly got over my fear of the program with every call that was cheerfully answered by the staff. Even the most simple, small question was answered without hesitation.

  • Recently, the whole setup of my office changed as our Inspectors went contractual. The team at BS&A really listened to my needs and helped me lay out the reports that I needed, and actually helped me figure out what information I really needed.

    When thinking back to the training, I did not have much computer knowledge when my employer first got another DOS-based program. When we started talking about switching to BS&A, I was extremely nervous about whether I would catch on to the new program and how difficult the new program might be to use. BOY, I couldn’t have been more wrong. The BS&A program is easy to learn and use, and the training was very thorough. Things I missed on the training, forgot over time, or just needed more help with, I have always gotten superior help and have never felt stupid for asking for help or questions.

    Switching to BS&A was probably one of the smartest moves we have made.

  • Absolutely, the Field Inspection module has completed, and is the most valuable asset to, our multi-year digital transition process. First year implementation of digital documents and attachments to the BS&A Building Department System worked wonderfully. However, we soon discovered a problem with the massive amounts of data entry required.

    As staff reductions through attrition increased, we began to notice our lag time increase to several weeks for data entry, and hand-writing an inspection record – leaving for office staff to scan and attach – became time-consuming and difficult to accomplish. We also found that IF the inspector returned to the office with some additional inspection or enforcement record information to complete, it never got done due to distractions.

    Field Inspection has allowed us to perform, enter, complete, AND communicate results to permit holders and others from the (inspection) site. Field Inspection combined with in-vehicle printing and broadband internet access has revolutionized our field inspection capabilities and workflow.

    Kudos on a great product from a great company with professional and courteous employees.

  • Falls Township purchased the Building Permit version of BS&A. Compared with the program we had before, this one is so much more user-friendly, from the permits to the reports you can do.

    When we first received this program a man came in and gave us some training, but it was easy enough to learn on our own. Anything I had trouble with, Bob and Lori were right there to help fix the problem and didn’t hang up until the problem was fixed. The tech support is fabulous.

  • The Dept. of Building Safety & Zoning purchased BS&A’s software several years ago. I am pleased with the permitting program and all its additional workings and record keeping options. These many options have saved a great deal of office time and provide a great method of obtaining information needed daily. I appreciate the good support and pleasant staff that helps with resolving all this department’s concerns.

  • Assessing to Permits to Field Inspection… all work in conjunction to provide and share needed information between departments. Each program was created to meet the specific needs of each department, but all of the programs function well together. They are set up in a similar fashion, so you don’t need to be an expert in each program. And they are user friendly! Icons are displayed on the main toolbar for the most common items.

    Reports are easy to run and can be customized for each department or for a specific request. Reports can be custom saved for regular reports, or you can easily create a report from scratch. There are limitless possibilities for tracking, recordkeeping, and accounting.

    We use BS&A Software for all of our property records and property information. No more paper files! We track and record information for Code Enforcement, Permits, Rental Housing, and CDBG programs, all in one location. And everyone has access to the same information, right at their fingertips.

    Converting from our other inspection software to BS&A was easy and intuitive. Things are clearly placed and menus are easy to access. There are many ways to search for an address, an owner, or a name record in the system. There are many ways to attach documents, letters, and photos for a complete property history at your fingertips. And with the ability to make any letter into a template letter, it eliminates saving hundreds of sample letters on your computer. Anyone in the office can access the template letters and send a letter.

    Trainings that we have experienced with BS&A staff have been well planned and concise. Questions are answered thoroughly and staff takes the time to make sure you understand the answer before continuing to the next topic.

  • As the Zoning Enforcement Official and the Building Inspector for Clark Township, I have been using the BS&A software program for my work.

    I have been very appreciative of their support and help on many occasions. They have never failed to fix the problem, or answer the question in a clear and concise manner. There have been times when I had to leave a message and request a call back, and they have never failed to return my call and resolve the “issues”.

    I am old enough to remember good ‘ole fashioned customer service, a lost art with many of today’s companies. I can think of one word to describe BS&A Software’s customer service, and our working relationship……EXCELLENT!!

  • Lori and Bob truly have a solid handle of the software program. They are patient, forthcoming with forward thinking information, excellent communicators, and always friendly (sure makes it a pleasant experience when the frustration level is high on the other end of the phone help line).

    I must repeat the terrific customer service Lori and Bob provide on the BS&A telephone help line. On occasions when my brain goes dead and my ability to maneuver through the system is limited, Lori and Bob always point me in the right direction, help me troubleshoot, and leave me with the ability to complete the task without further assistance.

  • BS&A is always very congenial with their tech support. They took my number, and Bob and Lori called back in no time. I can’t say enough about the tech support I have received. They couldn’t be more nice and always fix my problem.

  • BS&A’s customer service and support has been outstanding. When I call the office, someone is available immediately to answer a question. If not available immediately, they respond in a very timely fashion. They are available by e-mail or by phone. The staff is well trained and has been able to answer my questions right away or get back to me with an answer in a very short time period. If there is additional information that I need (like a specific report or program function) the staff works diligently to meet all of my needs right away. They are a pleasure to work with.

    Everyone has been very nice and supportive with the big questions and the little stuff, too. I enjoy working with the staff.

  • When I think of BS&A, the first thing I think of is their customer service. I have had very few occasions when I have needed their help, as the BS&A program and training are so good. The few times I have needed help they have always been courteous, helpful, and very prompt. BS&A is not like some of the horror stories I had heard in the past, where you go back and forth between whether it’s a hardware or software issue, and never get help resolving the issue. They help you get the issues resolved.

  • Availability, knowledge, and personality are keys to my definition of customer service. The staff at BS&A are always available and willing to help. A simple phone call or email is immediately answered, and the friendly staff is quick to provide help for any problem. With Remote Assistance, the staff can walk me through a process without me even having to leave my office.

  • The “Tax” and “Assessing” programs can be linked, providing up-to-the-minute name and address changes to the Tax Program as they are changed by the assessor in the Assessing data base. Many benefits to this! Also, with this linkage, certain fields can be utilized in Assessing that carry over to Tax (helpful in report writing and sorting). We always know if “Tax” and “Assessing” have differences, due to a handy little icon that appears on the bottom of the screen in “Tax”. This has proven in helpful in alerting me that a mid-year assessor uncapping was input into Assessing but not in Tax! Our Tax system is also linked to Utility Billing, so when a firm calls to inquire the status of property taxes, we can also check the UB status directly in the Tax system! What a time saver THAT is!! Besides it saving us time, it also reminds us to check for late/unpaid sewer billings as we are checking the tax status.

  • Being able to keep in balance on a daily basis. With all of the changes that are made to the tax roll because of homesteads, tribunal changes and board’s of review, being able to keep in balance on a daily basis is so important. So many other reasons like ease of data entry, storage of digital data etc.

    Digital scanning of data. Great reports. Programs to help with balancing totals. Being able to draw a sketch and have the data entered has been great. I like being able to run sales studies then calculate a ratio from the reports in a step by step process. Never new I could do that until this year. Being able to export data into different formats is so important also.

  • Since our City began using BS&A’s Assessing/Tax Software, we no longer need to help implement taxation changes with our internal programmers which in the past was an extremely time consuming and expensive task. We have also been able to reduce our Treasury Dept. staff because tax administration is so much more efficient using their software. The ability to place the information on the web has eliminated a significant number of phone calls.

    The affidavits for tax roll adjustment are produced from BS&A’s software instead of preparing them from spreadsheets which really saves us a lot of time. Their software allowed us to create and customize our own tax bill for our City. We can edit the tax bill whenever we need to very easily. Tax roll changes are also very easy to process. One simple process corrects both the tax bill and the tax distribution.

    Over the years, I have requested several small but time-saving changes be made to their software. They have always been able to incorporate my requests and there was never a charge.

  • I am a new treasurer, and starting a new type of job and learning the software is always challenging. My first experience with BS&A was the training on how to use it. The training was great and very informational. The BS&A software is very easy to use, I am amazed at how much the software can do. I couldn’t image doing this type of work without this software program. We are also interfaced with the accounting/general ledger which makes our whole bookkeeping process so much more efficient. I could only imagine how much time this is saving our company.

    Since I am fairly new at this job and using BS&A software I’m always finding newer and more efficient ways to do my job. I have just started importing files from our big Mortgage companies so we don’t have to enter each property individually. I’m really excited to see how much time this is going to save us when we send out our tax bills to the mortgage companies electronically, and when they pay them electronically. We spent a lot of time going through the list from the mortgage companies entering payments one at a time. It seems that BS&A is always coming up with newer and more improved ideas to help their customers.

  • If I were going to a gym to hire a personal trainer to get me in better shape, I would pick the one with the physique I most wanted to look like. In doing so, I will know that they have experienced the challenges I too will face, and are equipped for success. Many of BS&A’s employees have or have had personal and hands on experience with property assessing and appraisal work. This experience is illustrated through the Assessing software in that it is tailored to meet all of the needs required by the State, County, and industry professional standards expected to turn out a quality end product. The integrated forms for State reporting, ease of sharing data with the County, and ability to review appraisal information quickly and easily are just a few of the reasons our office chooses to use BS&A’s Assessing software.

    BS&A’s “Sales Search & Analysis” feature has made exporting, sorting, and evaluating sales data for my annual ECF reviews a seamless process.

    The integration with our building department system has allowed us to import building permits assigned to a property, so that we can efficiently determine which properties require field visits.

    The use of BS&A’s reports, such as the L-4021, allow me to quickly expedite lists of property data for review and audit prior to the preparation of my annual assessment notices.

    I use the “Miscellaneous Totals” report on a weekly basis to verify accurate employment of my mathematical calculations. This report gives a quick synopsis of my valuation totals so that I can give informative data to our Township Board and inquiring property owners.

    I use printouts of “Property Record Cards” on a daily basis to share our valuations with inquiring property owners, realtors, and the general public.

  • I find the updated tax software to be a tremendous time saver and very easy to use. I like the navigation tab, also viewing history info is easier and the ease of going between summer and winter seasons with just a click is great. I find it very hard to sum up in a few lines how much I really like the tax program. I just find the program to be very user friendly and efficient to use.

    I also find how to apply payment much easier. Also, I like how when I switch from one tax year to another tax year, it stays with the same property owner. This is really helpful when dealing with a title company or a mortgage company. Also, having the current balance due for all seasons in one place (in the column on the left on the page I consider the main page) is really beneficial also. I’m still learning new things, so I expect my productivity will increase as I use the software more.

  • The BS&A Software is extremely user friendly. It makes moving within the data of each parcel or from parcel to parcel within the township a breeze. The entire package is simple to use and even includes warning notices to stop you from making mistakes.

    Our network allows the data from one program to automatically transfer other programs, such as addresses from assessing to tax, or cash receipting to tax and this greatly speeds up the processes. The ability to mark parcels and make mass changes such as summer deferments is a real time saver. The check sheets for setting up the new tax year make the process almost painless. The flexibility of the report writing system allows you to get the reports you want in the format you want with ease. Downloading the assessor’s information eliminates the need for double entry and possible errors. All the processes seem so easy.

  • Oneida Charter Township has been using BS&A programs since 1995. We began with the Assessing program in 1995. We then progressed to Tax Administration and Animal Licensing. All of the programs are very user friendly. Your programs are always being updated with the latest changes in laws.

    The programs have an enormous number of built in reports. There are reports that are used on a daily basis to monitor payment activity. There are reports that make monthly disbursements a simple task. The year-end settlement and audit process is made simple with the checks and balances that are built into the program.

  • BS&A will be the best software you’ll ever own and the only way you’ll know this is when you take classes and learn the program to its fullest potential. Having a program is 10% and knowing how to use it correctly is 90%. The program can only do as much as the user knows.

    Running reports and blocking parcels different ways can give you multiple options of evaluating information. Being able to write reports can save time to filter out specific information

  • The City of Mt. Pleasant has used BS&A software since before I became Treasurer. I have been extremely pleased at BS&A’s responsiveness to customer needs and to the changes in state laws regarding tax and assessing. Since many of my colleagues in the state also use BS&A it makes it much easier to share ideas individually or in a group training session.

    When we added the financial systems the gains in cash receipting and reconciliation were exponential. When the financial system wasn’t linked it would take hours to reconcile the general ledger to the tax system. Now it takes longer to queue the reports, as they usually are no reconciling items. We have also seen efficiencies in cash receipting from bar coding bills and not having to switch between seasons for receipting. Since the upgrade to .net tax, we have enjoyed the ability to see pictures of the property and special assessment information. The processing of Board of Review changes was also more efficient since they were only entered once by the Assessor and imported into the tax program eliminating the need to enter twice.

  • We have used BS&A Assessing products since the mid 1990’s and recently purchased the .net Tax program to add to our line of BS&A products. In my opinion they were the “best” choice by far. We switched out of necessity from an aging IBM main frame system with “homegrown” software to the Equalizer and although not entirely seamless, the transition went smother than I had ever anticipated. Even when facing some very “unique and thought provoking” issues, the BS&A staffers are always willing to assist us in our time of need and I cannot thank them enough.

    We have been using the Assessing .net package for almost a year now, and almost every day I find something new. The most recent was the “new” STC form 2793 that includes both single and 2 year sales studies on the same page, plus Dan Bengal informed me of how I can run the entire county at one time and get individual forms for each unit. Great time saver!

  • Here in Kent County our tax & assessing software was administered by a very antiquated County system, which was being retired. This forced each municipality to leave the “mother ship” and not only learn a new system but perform many treasury functions that previously had been done for us. For the first time since tax/assessing was computerized, local staff would be performing all phases of tax administration, not just billing and collections. To be honest, we were very anxious (and I had some staff that was very set in “the way it had always been done before” and extremely resistant to change).

    Implementation of BSA tax software was the best lesson one could ever have of just wait and see before jumping to conclusions. I can’t count the time we repeat the phrase “That’s it? That’s all there is to it?” after tax support explains yet another simple process.

    This software has totally changed (streamlined,) the way we do things in our office. As an aside, our staff has decreased from the treasurer and 3 full time employees to the treasurer and 1 full time employee since implementation in 2003). The product is continually adapting as the ever changing tax landscape evolves. Every challenge the State throws at us has been accommodated by BSA. We are continually discovering something new as we navigate through the program – “look what I just found, this is so cool!” is not an unfamiliar comment in our office.

    Here are some features we like:

    • Imports and exports – mortgage company, special assessment, payment, spreadsheet, and assessing imports and exports, to name just a few, have allowed us to do with the push of a button what used to take hours or days to accomplish. This not only frees up staff time but allows for much fewer clerical errors and precise transfer of data.
    • Links with other BSA applications – the ability to view multiple application info right in the tax program, to interface with other applications, to transfer data again saves time and makes us much more efficient.
    • BSA Internet Service – we utilize real-time tax, assessing, utility billing, & delinquent personal property tax info via our website. Our phone calls for information have almost completely stopped since going live with this application. Internet support is very willing to work with us to customize whatever we want out there for folks to view to answer questions saving them and us the time and cost of a phone call. Most importantly, the information seen is current and accurate.
    • Reports – the system reports offer the ability to view, print, or save any amount of data imaginable. But, the query options allow users to create almost any report desired in any format needed.
  • We have been using the BS&A Assessing software for 15 years now. What we most like about the software is that data entry is straightforward and produces results that can be duplicated with the manual. What I most appreciate is that the software is continuously updated for changes in State law and has all the new State required reports available at a mouse click. What I find most useful is the software’s ability to allow me to use embedded reports or create a customized report of any information in the files that allow us answer to answer any assessing questions we have.

  • Functionality, simplicity, continuous updating, superb customer support, all at a fair price… can’t really ask for much more. And the transition from our old system was quick and painless. No comparison between our old system and the quality of BS&A and the support of your knowledgeable staff.

    The most specific enhancement I can think of is that delinquent tax allows us to post delinquent tax payments on the system even before units have settled with us. These payments had to be manually backposted previously. Also, the settlement process is much easier for the local units (and us), allowing them to settle with us much earlier than they used to.

  • I like the ease that you can move between seasons in the tax software and the ease that you can print reports, conduct searches by property address, etc.

    A huge feature is the database compare report. This report runs in a matter of seconds. You can then print a report showing the differences with the parcel numbers that is affected. I like the way the comment button flashes as a reminder.

  • We have used BS&A’s new assessing .net software since it was first available. It has been perfected to the point that it is has become an amazing tool for our Equalization Department.

    The .net software allows us to run just about any style report using queries and very specific groups of properties. It also allows us to run countywide sale studies and automatically connects them to the next report in the Equalization process. This is a huge time saver over running them one by one.

    The new .net software also links with our GIS information and displays it on the parcel when the parcel is brought up on the screen.

    BS&A has been very good at keeping their software up to date with all of the changes that the State has been mandating us to make. They make our job easier because we do not have to worry about whether the software will handle the changes that the STC may make at anytime.

  • The staff in my position before me never used the imports to the fullest capabilities. I have found that they are an immense time saver. I import payments, tax bill requests, special assessments – anything I can. Another feature is the availability of user defined fields. With these, I have my streetlight districts coded for quick entry from year to year, and code taxpayers who have multiple invoices. This allows us to save on postage by printing those separately and stuffing envelopes with more than one statement. Combined, I have slimmed down our tax roll prep time to just a few days.

  • Using BS & A Tax Software has made Tax Administration run more efficient for me. It has helped me meet my deadlines more easily and just has helped the whole tax process run more smoothly.

    Two product features that come to mind are Mortgage Code Electronic Imports. It allows you to mark 400+ parcels paid in just a second or two. It is GREAT and saves sooo much time! Another feature is the way the system handles adjustments (MMT, STC, Boards of Review, etc). It is so easy, fast, and accurate. I always dreaded going through the whole process of doing tax adjustments – and now, it is just another job to do in a day.

  • Each year’s database stands alone so it is easy to create a new database for the coming year while keeping a copy of the previous year available at all times for checking past year’s facts and figures.

    Copying existing parcel data to a new parcel saves a lot of time. So does merging a parcel from one database into another.

    In Huron County, we maintain a county wide master database containing values, names, addresses, etc., but it has no calculations of value. This is used for reporting, change notices, and is the basis for the tax rolls and bills. We have a separate database for appraisal studies that is used to calculate appraised values for equalization studies. The import/export capabilities of the Equalizer make it simple to keep assessed values, names, legal descriptions, sales information, property class and other information up to date in the appraisal database. It also lets us roll over the appraisal database each year so that land and building information does not need to be entered again.

    Township values can easily be imported into the county master database. New parcels, names, addresses, legal descriptions input by county staff can be exported for township use.

  • BSA’s Assessing software is the industry leader. This is due in large part to stay ahead of the technology curve and give assessor’s the tools they need to do their job better and faster.

    We are currently on Assessing.NET. The comparative sales analysis and GIS integration have been incredible tools for us at board of review time and has literally cut our staff’s overtime in half.

  • Our migration from the previous versions of the BS&A municipal software to the new .NET applications provided many, many benefits for our municipality. Within the property administration software (assessing, property tax and building department) there have been numerous improvements made to the programs. Many of these improvements are of a general functionality nature and several are of significant benefit for municipalities such as the City of Clare that are physically located within two counties.

    The first and foremost improvement is the fact that the programs are now based upon the Microsoft SQL database engine. In today’s fast-paced, resource constrained work world it is very important that we maximize technology resources so that they serve our needs quickly, efficiently and with as little human interaction as possible. The new BS&A .NET software provides just that type of professionally designed, efficient and powerful software. The overall interface of each of the programs are also much more intuitive, consistent from program to program and they are very responsive to user needs. Many features have been included and/or vastly improved within the new programs that quite simply make day-to-day operations much more efficient.

    There are so many features that are beneficial it is difficult to focus on just a few of the many improvements to the BS&A .NET software. What immediately is apparent is the inclusion of so many improvements that are obviously the result of the BS&A staff intently and thoroughly listening to their customers. For instance, including property tax season tabs and summary information all on the main parcel screen provides relevant and succinct information that is often referred to when property owners call. Having so much information available in one concise, user oriented location makes it so much easier and efficient to answer customer questions.

    Because our municipality is physically located within two counties updating the .NET software so that we can work with our entire property tax roll as one database is a huge improvement. Previously we had to manually combine the tax rolls of the two counties for many purposes which required a significant time commitment to insure that the final totals were accurate.

  • I LOVE the mapping portion. I can map almost anything and it saves me so much time on a daily basis. It makes it easy to find properties and do an analysis on them. The comp analysis is also fantastic. It allows me to find comps and show the taxpayers comps which help them to understand the basis for my assessments. I also love being able to print the worksheets out to an excel file.

  • BS&A is a very user friendly program. Your reports can be tailored to your wants and needs. Our Building, Water & Sewer, Assessing, Tax, General Ledger and Receipting have all switched to BS & A and we love the links that we have between the different departments now. The help system built within the system is fantastic. If you still have problems after the “HELP”, more assistance is only a phone call away. You wouldn’t be sorry with the switch to BS&A. You would be working with knowledgeable, kind and considerate people that always talk to you not down to you.

  • Working as assessors in several units, as well as on reappraisals, we probably work with BS&A Software more than most. We were anxious to use the .net software and weren’t disappointed. We believe in sitting side by side with taxpayers in our units to discuss assessing and taxable value concerns. With images, sketches and assessed/taxable history located on the front page it makes it easier for taxpayers to follow along. In most cases, change isn’t easy, but we were pleasantly surprised with the .net. It doesn’t seem like we needed the “learning curve” to use the basic assessing functions in the software. It’s easy to use as soon as it is installed.

    When we export to our treasurers for summer and winter tax, .net will make sure we balance. If we don’t balance between assessing and tax, the software will tell us which parcels specifically we don’t balance on. When networked with our treasurers, it will allow us to look up tax information as well. Most taxpayer’s think of assessor’s and tax as one in the same, so it is easy for us to look up their tax without having to transfer a call back and forth between assessing and the treasurer. .Net also allows us to load several previous year’s information which allows us to view several years of assessed and taxable values without having to change databases.

  • BS&A Software is user friendly. Excellent options on various reports to balance year end as well as daily collections.

    I like the ability to segregate databases to get report totals. One database has Brownfield, Brownfield IFT, RenZone IFT’s, IFT, and Ad Valorem parcels.

  • The ability to look at the aerials though the program is very helpful. The ease of moving around the program and reports have been simplified especially reports dealing with IFT’s and Renz Zones.

    The ability to do a database compare between the tax program and the assessing program to discover errors now can be done in a matter of minutes saving valuable time.

  • By having both the assessing and tax software, we can do a lot of in-house jobs. Some of our promotional tasks that are out-sourced can be done here keeping our cost down.

    Our township has a lot of special act parcels. I love BS&A assessing/tax software. I can generate lots of required reports and reports requested by my township board and accounting firm. Another aspect I like is the ability to edit the current form to fit my needs.

  • The list of high points and benefits of BS&A’s tax/assessing software are many. Here is a bullet list of just a few:

    • User-friendly screen / information access;
    • Compatibility of the databases, including links;
    • Ease for making changes; tracking of same (prime example are Board of Review changes that can be automatically imported to the tax file instead of entering each one manually);
    • Ability to create custom documents (such as tax bills);
    • Compliance with state tax law (and changes that come along);
    • Sorting capabilities that leads to ease of blocking data for reports;
    • Many reports and processes that make my job so much easier;
    • Ability to move between databases with ease.

    Features I like include:

    • Board of Review changes made in Assessing can be automatically imported to tax database;
    • Linked fields allow name and/or address changes to made in only one database but carried through to the other databases (or not if you do not want it);
    • Changing receipt posting date on tax payments by block when we made a mistake;
    • Importing parcel information from tax file (by blocking marked parcels) to create new parcels set up a new special assessment roll in the S.A. database;
    • Quick entry feature for marking parcels;
    • Overpayment/underpayment report to find potential problem parcels;
    • Database compare between assessing and taxes for ease of locating balancing problems.
  • The assessing software from BS&A is the cutting edge in assessing software. Any changes in the tax laws or State Tax Commission requirements are met in a speedy and efficient manor. The residential sketch to pricing is a huge time saving innovation. Attaching pictures and other document to a parcel is just a few clicks on the mouse. The sales comparative analysis has cut hours of time for answering residential M.T.T. appeals.

    The residential sketch to pricing is a huge time saving innovation. The sales comparative analysis has cut hours of time for answering residential M.T.T. appeals. The options available in the ECF analysis can be as simple as a class or can break it down into an ECF for building styles as well as physical conditions.

  • In the BS&A Tax and Assessing programs the most important improvements to our productivity are the comment section and the ability to attach documents to the parcel. For example if a parcel received a correction to the taxable value from a Michigan Tax Tribunal you can attach a copy of the documentation from the State. This improves the amount of time required to answer questions when you have all of the information at your fingertips. As for the comment section, if you have left a message for a property owner to return your call anyone call look at the comment to see what the issue is so the issue can be addressed promptly.

  • In our opinion the two most beneficial changes with the Assessing.Net is the integration of Apex and Equalizer and the mapping feature. The mapping feature has given us the ability to create custom maps for field work and sales studies without having to buy another software program and streamlined the map making process.

    The integration of Apex with BS&A has made our time in the field more efficient because any change made to the sketch is automatically linked to the pricing. As any employee we are always trying to find ways to become more efficient and BS&A has definitely helped us be more efficient in our work.

  • My business partner and I are assessors for several rural communities in Northern Michigan and have used BSA since 1996. We started with the Dos Version which in and of itself was a huge benefit for the valuing of property for tax purposes. As time has past and the evolution of computers, BSA has grown with it. We are now using the .Net version and the interfacing of the tax and assessing is invaluable to our productivity not only in the field but in the office.

    The BS&A support team delivers service beyond our expectations by continuing to advance their support services. We have utilized all aspects of the BS&A support team; phone support, email support and our favorite remote assistance. With demanding schedules BS&A has always fulfilled our support needs in a timely and gracious manner. We could not ask for more out of a support team

  • Comparing BS&A software to our former software, it is so easy to update the software to quickly take advantage of the new enhancements the will improve the service that we provide to our taxpayers. With our other software all users would need to out of the applications before the update could be applied, now with a couple clicks of the mouse the software is updated.

    Since the Township has been a customer of BS&A Software we have had excellent service, e-mails or telephone calls are normally returned within one hour or for sure on the same day as the request.

  • The technical support is the best of any software that I have ever used.

    I have been using the BS&A Assessing software since 1997. Since that time BS&A has written software that allows instant assessing information updates to the BS&A Building Inspection and Treasurers software. BS&A listens to the customer, they are quick to add reports and information to the software to make it more cost effective for the customer.

  • BS&A’s customer service is outstanding! I almost always have to have someone call me back and I’ve never had someone NOT call me back in a reasonable amount of time. Occasionally, support will have trouble answering my question or fixing the software problem and they ask if they can call me back after they discuss it with another support staff member. I have ALWAYS gotten an answer and/or a status update by the end of that day.

  • To be able to talk with someone at a moment’s notice with the ability of support team logging on to our data to discover the problem is extremely helpful. All the staff is very professional and helpful.

  • I have always received prompt call back on any question or problem. Staff personnel are very knowledgeable and are very courteous when answering.

    BSA is a cut above and always striving to improve software. All new State mandates are promptly implemented and well tested so there aren’t implementation problems.

  • BS&A support is amazing. When we call the support staff they make you feel like part of a team trying to solve a problem. They answer most questions on the spot. If needed, they can remotely log onto our computers to see what we see. I’m sure there are other companies that can get the assessing job done. We like the software, but honestly there is probably software out there that can basically imitate what BS&A does. While there may be companies that can duplicate the software, I am sure there are not companies that can duplicate the staff. Every time we call, we feel appreciated and welcome. Better yet, our concerns always get addressed.

  • Before we switched to BS&A, our program would shut down at 6pm, and reporting was available the next day or so. Now, we can work when our schedule allows and the reporting is always at our fingertips. The support system is great and the support staff analyzes your questions and concerns and if changes are warranted, they make changes to the system. Treasurers who use this system are listened to and respected for their input.

    Hats off to the support system that you have in place to answer our questions. You don’t make us feel dumb and no question is a stupid question. Everyone I have dealt with has showed me nothing but respect and they are very knowledgeable, even though we do try to stump them sometimes! The on line live data base has saved us countless phone calls and inquiries.

    Thanks you for everything you do for us and I would recommend that everyone look into purchasing BS&A. They won’t be sorry!!

  • I don’t even know where to begin. First and foremost is the support. It doesn’t matter if it is a silly question or a serious bug all calls and emails are responded to a very timely manner and the issues are always resolved very quickly. The program is easy to keep updated and the update descriptions are very concise and easy to understand. The program is easy to use and the uses and abilities of the program continue to amaze me. I can’t imagine doing the job without it.

    No other word than fantastic can describe the support team! They always do what it takes to either fix the issue in a very prompt fashion and they never make you feel bad about calling for even the simplest of things.

  • BS&A has designed simply outstanding software that very efficiently supports municipalities in fulfilling the ever increasing demands upon our day-to-day operations in serving the needs of our local community. This is very important but where BS&A excels is in listening to, completely supporting and truly partnering with their customers in serving the public. The adage of giving more than what is expected has all been lost in today’s fast paced world but BS&A has differentiated themselves from their competitors and quite frankly most commercial enterprises by following this simply but powerful commitment. It is very apparent that BS&A recognizes and is committed to efficiently and economically serving the needs of their municipal customers resulting in an efficiently partnership to serve the public’s needs.

    It may sound trite but it is a fact that when we call BS&A support for assistance we truly feel that they are a valued co-worker who is personally committed to helping us solve whatever challenge we are experiencing or trying to work through. The BS&A support staff effectively uses reflective listening skills to properly identify our question or need, is empathetic to our situation, demonstrates an understanding of the time constraints that all of us are working through and they are always very humble in their interaction skills. These qualities are basic to human interaction, unfortunately absent from so many areas of our lives but are a cornerstone of the BS&A commitment to their customers.

  • BS&A has always been responsive to our needs. Any suggestion we have made as far as product or process improvements have been welcomed and implemented. Their tech support is also worth their weight in gold.

    It is a great company and great product. There are always receptive to their customers’ needs.

  • The BS&A assessing/tax software is easy to use and navigate. The data link between the two modules helps maintain the records and saves time that would otherwise be needed to update. The fact that Wayne County uses the same system makes it easier to communicate and to reconcile reports as well.

    On top of all this is the excellent customer support provided from BS&A staff, who never get tired of questions and resolve all issues to our satisfaction.

  • 1989 was the year I gave up. I gave up trying to program appraisal software. Why? Because I found BS&A’s Equalizer software and I knew it was way better than anything I could do. Jim listened and improved the program constantly. That’s the way BS&A’s support worked then and that is the way it still works today. Listen to the user and make constant improvements.

  • Good customer service to me is someone willing to take his/her time to hold my hand and walk me through areas of problem solving and areas of unfamiliarity in the most efficient way, while encouraging personal growth. BS & A’s customer service has done a fine job of fulfilling this expectation.

  • Each member of the assessing tech support team at BS&A is very knowledgeable and helpful. Their willingness to assist customers is second to none. Their response time, as well as resolution to problems, is quick and efficient. Not only do they understand the program, they understand assessing, which only enhances their service to their customers. The company’s involvement in State and local assessing associations, whether training, updating or mingling, demonstrates its’ desire to maintain successful relationships with their customers.

    Another observation I have made is that the staff, across all departments at BS&A, seem to work well as a team. It is obvious that they have the best interest of their clients at hand and do what they can to make their product the best on the market. I especially like that they are open to, and appreciate, suggestions to make enhancements to the software. BS&A software makes every assessor’s job easier… especially Assessing.net and all its’ capabilities!

  • The benefit of using BS&A Software for taxes is summed up to customer support. Everyone in the customer support department is so well trained; they almost know your questions before you can ask them. You want a report that lists A,B,C and can’t find it . . you will have it saved in your system in 2 minutes; you are setting up your database for the next year . . . you are talked through the process so you don’t miss a step. On top of intelligent answers, they are genuinely nice people! You feel like you are calling a friend or cousin who is tech savvy.

    Customer service is what defines and lifts BS&A above the rest. They must have hundreds of clients that they talk to each tax season, but they never seem tired of reviewing the information with you, or bored with their job. They are easy to talk to and quick offer solutions to make our jobs easier.

    The rapport you build with the customer service staff is more than staff/customer. I would be glad to welcome my BS&A friends into my home, they feel that close.

  • The tax support team has always been quick to react to problems as they occur. I would say that your tax support is one of the reasons that your software has been so successful. Customer service is a huge selling point when purchasing software.

  • The support that BS&A provides is exceptional. They are very good at getting back to us when we have a question and usually can solve the problem over the phone. If it can’t be solved over the phone an update is usually completed within a day or so.

  • I have been using BS&A’s Assessing software for over fourteen years. Before that I was using another program that you had to enter data at a DOS prompt. I never really understood that program. Equalizer Assessing and the .Net programs are easy to use, print out great reports, and if you have a problem their phone support is head and shoulders above all others support centers. They actually listen to their customers suggestions and have implemented many of my suggestions. BS&A is constantly striving to improve their programs. The automatic online update is a great way to keep the program up to date. I have work at many different cities and townships and they all use BS&A’s programs.

    The support staff is the best in the computer software market. I have spent hours on the phone with operating software companies and other software companies. BS&A’s support staff has always solved my software problems in minutes, looked at the problem on their own, and leaving me to do my work. I really can gush about their support staff because they have helped me out so many times, so quickly and professionally. If your on the fence due to a fear of learning a new program, jump on over to BS&A’s programs. They will work with you as you get to know the program and make sure you know what you’re doing before they end your call.

  • If you spend more than five minutes trying to figure something out, call us”. Your company and staff stand by this mantra – and they are always eager to help every time we call… EVERY TIME.

    Having worked with local treasurers and assessors for nearly 20 years I have only heard universally positive testimonials about BS&A. That doesn’t happen by accident.

  • Tax support goes beyond any past experience with customer support, especially software support. I consider these folks an extension of my staff as they are always available. Typically a response to an email, phone call, or fax comes within 10 minutes and often an apology if the wait has been longer than they feel it should have been. They are attentive, receptive, and understanding of the fact that our knowledge of technology pales in comparison to theirs yet they bring it down to our level to resolve whatever issue we may be experiencing. I especially like the “remote in” support allowing tax support to see exactly what we are seeing. This has aided greatly in solving problems or answering questions. We appreciate the fact that they welcome suggestions of possible enhancements to the program from their users and it is often not long before we see those changes implemented. Their customers are important to them and it is very evident.

    I love this company and their tax program. I love what technology can do to make us better at what we do and this is the tool and the people that do it best. I cannot imagine my job without them.

  • I take my hat off to the support staff, I cannot imagine doing their job with so many variables between units of government and seemingly constant change from Lansing. Also to the programmers who always find a way to help us out, not to mention everyone else at BS&A.

    I cannot say enough good things about or express my appreciation to Dan Kirwin, he has conducted educational classes many times in my county in the last 10 or so years and never once have I heard anyone being disappointed. I always attempt to host a STC renewal class here and the BS&A classes are my first choice.

  • BS&A support has always been prompt, knowledgeable and courteous. I amazed at how prompt the response is during peak processing times. I’m sure they get the same call over and over when all the clients are doing the same task under a time crunch, yet the support team never lets on to their stress. Even when you ask the dumb question, they don’t make you feel like it was a dumb question that you should have been able to figure out on your own.

    We utilize the website display of tax information. When we launched this our call volume decreased tremendously. We have had comments from tax preparers thanking us for the information and praising how easy it is to use. They appreciate that we use the same format as the township around us making it easier for them to get tax information regardless of where their client lives. The landlords in our community also appreciate that they can look on-line to see if their tenant is paying their utility bill.

  • With BSA, customer service means talking directly with support staff, not waiting forever on hold, and having your phone call returned the same day.

    BS&A believes in delivering the best product to make your job easier. They offer great programs and excellent training. Take advantage of both to get the most out of your investment!

  • Prompt customer service is the first thing that comes to mind when ever I am asked to comment on BS&A. Without a responsive customer support team the best software program would be useless. BS&A has a support team that is second to none. The fact that I can email a question to the support team is great. I usually receive an answer within an hour of making my inquiry.

    Another customer service feature that I like is online newsletters. The newsletters are always informative and the fact that they are online makes it easy to save and refer back to them when needed.

  • “AWESOME” is the only word to describe the customer support at BS&A. It is great to know that whenever you need to contact the BS&A tax support staff they will respond quickly and efficiently. They almost always solve the problem immediately and if they can’t you can rest assured they will stay with the problem until it is solved.

    Getting the BS&A software is one of the best things we have ever done in the township.

  • BS&A software is extremely responsive and receptive to our needs. The inter-workings of the departmental databases enhance our performance. Updates are crucial to assessing and tax changes. BS&A has updates available upon new changes and updates required by the State. The software and services are ever expanding to our needs and desires.

    Questions and technical issues are dealt with in a courteous in a timely manner.

    I would not hesitate to encourage BS&A software to other professionals.

  • I found your staff extremely professional and knowledgeable when we installed the new software. I don’t think it could have gone smoother. Before I updated and have the pervasive, the techs sometimes had a problem, but it wasn’t anything a more senior tech couldn’t handle. I find my questions are always handled very quickly and that customer service takes my concerns very serious.

  • BS&A’s customer service is second to none. One of their greatest assets is that they are very proactive and continue to develop new and improved methods for our use of their software… To me, this represents the epitome of value enhancement and evolving to meet the demands of the appraisal industry.

    I have also found their ability to remotely log in to my computer and walk me through various “technical support issues” very helpful. There have been times where I am uncertain about performing a mass change to my appraisals for fear of losing data integrity, and they are always very thorough, careful, and respectful to preserve my hard work while educating me through the task at hand.

  • I’ve worked with other software before without support. It can become very frustrating not knowing something and trying to figure it out on your own. Having BS&A Software support has been terrific. If I can’t figure something out, I don’t even hesitate to call BS&A about my problem. They always return my call within a short amount of time and the support personal are always very helpful and very nice. The support service is always patient and understanding for the beginning and experienced users.

    Our township had switched over to BS&A software from another software. BS&A has been so helpful, no matter what the problem or question is, big or small they always are very helpful. They always make us feel like they are there for our support and that we should use them anytime we need them. We never hesitate to call them because of how wonderful their support treats us.

  • Paramount to having user friendly software is having customer service that you can depend on. Prior to BS&A, we had never received/experienced such exemplary customer service. You can count on speaking with their support team within minutes of placing a call to them. And they are always courteous and friendly and will resolve your issue.

    I can’t imagine where we would be right now, with all the taxation changes that have taken place in just the last few years, if we hadn’t converted to their software. I can not say enough about the commitment BS&A has made to keeping their software up-to-date and their prices so modest.

  • Each of the programs offer so much that it is impossible to know everything that each program does. I really appreciate being able to call for support and getting fast results. I also like it when BS&A can dial in to also see the problem.

    I also appreciate the willingness of the support team to listen to our comments and suggestions for change. That means so much to Assessors working with the software everyday.

    I feel that BS&A leads the industry in Michigan for Assessing/Tax Software and I hope that they continue to change and maintain that standard but also keep the product affordable since cost is such a huge factor in today’s economy.

  • We love the BS&A product, but it is the superior level of “customer service” that I appreciate most of all. These are experts who know their product, inside and out! One of their tax reps once told me to use the “5 minute rule”…if the customer (me!) has spent more than five minutes trying to figure something out, they should stop and call for BS&A support! And I do! One huge specific I can give you is a really big one: The County changed more than 200 parcel numbers for 2010, and word of this didn’t get the Township Treasurer’s office till early June, as we were doing summer tax prep work. We thought of many different ways these new parcel numbers could be a problem if not addressed promptly with property owners, mortgage companies, etc., especially when it came to issuing the tax amounts due for the escrow customers. BS&A, while never given such a task previously, worked with me IMMEDIATELY AND COMPLETELY to add data to certain fields in the assessing program, to be carried into the tax program, and generate a report for the escrow firms so they were aware of the PPN changes and could pay the taxes utilizing the new PPN’s. This was no small task, but BS&A rose to meet our needs and help us do this….quickly and flawlessly. Our BS&A tax support person worked with their assessing support person and their program writer, and collectively they worked with us to meet our needs! They wrote and rewrote the necessary program tweaks until it was exactly what we needed to get the job done!

    Even during the busiest times of the year when all of us “tax program” customers are bombarding them all at once for help, the wait time is minimal! We also appreciate that they NEVER make us feel “stupid” when we call for sometime we should already know! Certain functions are only performed once a year, so it’s easy to forget; we love that they give us a reminder when we need it without talking down to us. There have been a couple times (not many!) when we’ve simply made a silly mistake on our end and couldn’t figure out how to fix it on our own….BS&A to the rescue!

  • Because all the applications interface with each other, I have a lot less manual journal entries. With the new .net applications, it is easier than ever to “drill down” into a transaction and find its source.

    Bank reconciliations have been made easier also by being able to do everything through GL instead of having to look for the checks in AP and Payroll separately.

    Being able to run reports spanning different fiscal years has also made my job easier. Doing research for expenditures use to be more cumbersome but not anymore.

    BSA is knowledgeable, up to date on current legislation, courteous, dependable, available support staff, regular program updates readily available

  • The BS&A fund accounting programs offered user friendly modules that work together seamlessly. The reporting choices were far more advanced that we had with our other software program. We have a small staff and we all work with multiple modules within fund accounting, it is very easy to learn each of the programs because the framework setup is similar.

    They have made my job easier. I cannot stress how important it is to have prompt service when we call with questions. Usually we get a call back within an hour. The software also makes it very easy to find errors and correct them.

    The reporting choices make my life much easier. I spent many years writing queries just to get a report with the information I needed. It is a great time saver to have the options within the software.

  • Yes, I was coming from an environment where I was using PeopleSoft software on a large mainframe. I was pleasantly surprised at the quality and depth of BS&A on the small server here at the Township.

    Features we like:

    • The diverse variety of reports.
    • Capability to download most reports into an Excel spreadsheet.
    • Feature that provides the ability to upload a check file from AP or PR to our bank’s computer.
    • Wide variety of tools in the various modules with which to research problems and issues, or simply to perform financial analysis.
    • Template for budget is outstanding, as well is the ability to upload the final approved budget.

    I have been impressed that new reports, and at times, new steps are added to a procedures to make our jobs easier, or to accommodate a new legal or IRS requirement. BS&A software has not stagnated like software firms have allowed their products to do.

    It is particularly helpful that our auditors can use a number of reports “as is” off the system for their workpapers.

    BS&A has an in-depth knowledge of governmental accounting and the needs of governmental accountants, and continues to stay current with changes to accounting rules and regulations.

    Even servicing the governmental arena, I would never expect a software company to program something as complex as the F-65 report into their system, especially since not all municipalities use exactly the same chart of accountants.

  • The software has definitely made our jobs easier. The ability to get information quickly, including downloading information into spreadsheets, has expedited financial analyses, preparation of audit work papers, and many other tasks. Likewise, the flexibility and reporting capability of the software has provided valuable information. A newly-introduced fiscal forecasting component in the budgeting part of General Ledger promises to offer great rewards. BS&A has a track record of continuous improvement of their products (on-screen lookup, the ability to allow operating departments to have direct access to budget and cost information, etc.) which has made them even better.

  • Easy to navigate, easy to set up, no accounting degree required. Anyone can become an expert quickly. The software is intuitive and flexible. Accounts are easy to add or remove. We have not had an issue with any single (non-balancing) items being posted.

  • The “drill down” functions have been awesome – to a point that when I can’t drill down, I’m asking why not. The multitude and variety of reporting options, plus the willingness of the tech support staff to help us get new options into our reports is great.

  • I appreciate the drill down and the sorting capabilities in the tables. These help us track down specific items. There are many options for reports which can be created and streamlined for unique situations.

    I am generally well pleased with both the products and the service.

  • The cost was reasonable and was certainly a deciding factor for us. However, I felt that it was a good move to purchase the fund accounting package from BS&A because of the broad package of software programs available through your company.

    Life is easier now. The BS&A software is dependable and we have been able to accumulate history. The previous AS400 system did not have the capability of providing any historical functions. Once you printed out the information and closed out the month the information was gone. Forecasting for the budget process is a lot easier when you can compare prior years.

  • For us it was being shown what the UB software could do. We had spent a year or more in calls and road trips with this other vendor and realized they were not able to handle what we would need, nor could they show us what it was that they do to handle certain things. Because of the conference calls and site visits from BS&A personnel, along with the various calls to other Cities and road trips to visit the two cities to see how the system worked, it was decided that BS&A could handle the large volume of customers we have, along with the specialized programs (custom to us) we would need to do our billing.

    We use handheld computers for our work orders that needed to be custom built for us. We also are court mandated to do a “look back adjustment” every year based on what we charged and what we should have charged on each cubic meters that has to be passed along to the customer. We also had customized for us our meter readings for billing purposes that are read by Consumers Energy, which we needed to be able to receive thru a FTP file and applied to our customers accounts.

  • BS&A was highly recommended & we needed to change from our antiquated system.

    Everything about my job was made easier with UB. I find the whole process of calculating and printing the bills to be much easier than our previous program, adjustments are easier, account histories are easier to provide.

  • In one word, integration. All the applications are integrated to reduce keystrokes, which reduces staff time, which reduces errors. That translates directly to cost savings for the organization.

    BS&A has been very easy to work with from the initial implementation to on-going day-to-day operations. They have become an integral part of our overall team.

  • I am just finishing our first budget since we converted to BS&A software. This software has made our budgeting process much simpler.

    All the report writing is great. It can be downloaded into different formats.

  • Yes, the programs are much more user friendly. The budget feature in GL is great. In AP the recurring invoices is a time saver.

    The products incorporate the latest features on the market and the support is fantastic. Everywhere I go I talk up BS&A.

  • Yes, the job is easier. The time savings and the speed of the applications make for higher productivity. Also, we are timely with reports to our other county departments who rely on us for their financial reports and check processing. One feature I like is the year end close. It takes about 5 minutes to close the books—the old system did not allow for posting of the current year entries until the prior year was closed, very annoying to say the least. And the close took a full day and you could not do any other applications while that was in process.

    The second feature we are excited about will be the new budget processing in the .net version. We are looking forward to having departments enter their budget data and using the forecasting tools to look at a 2 year budget.

  • The product itself is very user-friendly, which in turn makes implementation and training a smooth process. The implementation specialists were very knowledgeable with the IT aspects and the practical aspects of the programs.

    Yes, life is easier with BSA. We have increased staff efficiency, reduced paper usage significantly, our Board is happy with the reports produced by BSA.

  • BS&A Fund Accounting programs have definitely streamlined our process at the City. We have a very small staff and are always looking for ways to do more with less staff and not a lot of time. The reporting options are awesome….you have so many options available when you are looking for various things.

  • We like being able to download into Excel and the payroll reports that are done automatically for you.

  • Reporting has absolutely made our balancing to the General Ledger so much easier. The software is straightforward making it so much easier for end users to move from application to application.

  • It was your reputation: User friendly and great support, based on information we gathered from other government units.

    Yes, our jobs are much easier as a result of purchasing your products

    • Knowledge of GL #’s not necessary for CR and A/P… you start typing and it’s there
    • Retrieval of information so easy in Payroll, A/P and CR
  • The best part of using BS&A is that it is easy to learn while at the same time having all of the features or the right mix of features to allow each user to do everything they need to do.

    I had an employee with 40 years of seniority and minimal computer experience who did not want to change the way things were done. The employee gave the BS&A system a try and quickly learned how to process a requisition, print a purchase order and look up the balances, the kind of things the employee needed to make their job better. You don’t need a degree in accounting or need to have more then just basic computer skills to use the software.

    The BS&A software makes information on the computer available to everyone, not just the finance department. Council members, department heads, and city employees all have learned to use BS&A software to retrieve the information they want.

  • I can’t give enough positive comments about BS&A’s Fund Accounting Software to adequately express how satisfied I am with this software product. I thought that my previous software was good until we made the switch to BS&A. The software is so easy to learn and use and the reports are great. I would have to say that the high point for me with this software is the ability I to drill down when I need more than basic information. Amending budgets is easy and the ability to track budget amendments is terrific. BS&A Fund Accounting Software has enabled me to save a great deal of time and has given me the ability to provide my City Manager and City Council with more up-to-date reports than ever before. I absolutely love all of the BS&A programs!

  • We like the ease of entry, inquiry, and reporting as well as integration capabilities. Reasonable cost. We had a previous positive relationship with BSA.

    The end User is able to perform more functions without IT assistance than with our previous vendor’s software. IT administrator functions easier to perform than previous vendor’s software.

  • I think the software made our job easier. The software is easier to use and understand than our previous product. The ability to import journal entries from a spreadsheet was something we didn’t have in the past and the ability to create a budget amendment from a projected budget was also very helpful.

  • BSA has a complete approach for integration of our software.

    They had full integration with the property tax, Utility, Permits and Cash Receipt systems. Our experience with assessing and tax opened the door. I appreciate the speed in providing solutions as laws are changing.

    Some features we like: 1) Tracking transactions to the source. 2) Blocking incorrect entries. You can’t enter an out of balance by fund transaction.

  • Integration! Having real time integration just made sense, as communication between offices is key no matter what the size the municipality.

    We as an office love the CR program and how it ties into UB & GL, this streamlines so much that it affords us time to put our energy on other things.

  • It has become easier to balance bank statements in the new system. You do not need to have all related applications open in order to balance the account. Entries from other applications can be seen in General Ledger with a few clicks of the mouse. All programs are linked making it easier to avoid errors when entries may have otherwise had to be entered several times. Being able to create and modify your own reports is a feature we really like.

  • Yes. They are clearly user friendly programs. Data entry and retrieval are much easier. We have many more reporting options than before. We were able to put general ledger in all our departments for their restricted use. Being able to transfer information to spreadsheets has been very important to our finance director.

    They created special Cheboygan reports based on our needs. They updated payroll to print more documentation on the check stubs.

  • The one feature that has made my life easier is the report profiles. I used to print and email each department’s monthly financials. With BS&A’s General Ledger application, I have preset report parameters for each department. At month end, departments select their preset profile and print their own financials. Specialized departmental report profiles have also been setup under other fund accounting applications (Payroll, Timesheets, Cash Receipts).

  • Understanding that we are not the only customer, BS&A done a wonderful job of responding to our questions/concerns either on the first call or with a follow-up typically within 30 minutes. The staff takes the time to resolve the problem and doing follow-up to ensure it worked properly. They have always listened to our suggestions and implemented them as warranted.

  • What is important to me about customer service is having any questions I have answered promptly. Also any problems experienced need to be addressed promptly. BS&A response to questions and problem solving has been in a very timely manner. The support team has always been very helpful and polite.

  • BSA has knowledge of the products. A strong willingness to figure a cure for a problem and a determination to make sure their product succeeds.

  • Without exceptional customer service, you have an unhappy customer. We have been very satisfied with the customer service we have received through BS&A. Most of the time, our questions are answered in a very timely fashion. The programmers seem to be willing to make changes to fix problems in a very short time frame. This is compared to other companies we have dealt with in the past. Sometimes fixes were only done on a quarterly basis. This results in using software that has bugs in it for a period of a few months. I’m happy to say this does not happen with the BS&A products.

  • Very customer oriented. The level of customer service is very good.

  • The fund accounting staff are all great. They seem to be able to work through most problems while on the telephone with us. If they need to dig a little deeper it is easy to FTP info to them and in most cases they are able to solve the problem pretty quickly. If not they let us know of any delays.

    I think BS&A is a very successful company that cares about their clients. They make every effort to provide the programming and support to make using their programs as easy as possible. Our experience with the fund accounting staff in all areas has been great. You seem to hire very friendly, outgoing, people persons!

  • The fact that they are sooo.. friendly, they become like family. No matter how stupid the question, they are patient and very helpful.

  • They are always friendly and very knowledgeable. If they do not know the answer they find out in a timely manner. No waiting for days to get an answer.

  • I am always surprised and grateful that when there is a particularly unusual problem, they will take the time to review our actual database to get to the root of the problem, which often is something as simple as an error in how we loaded or coded certain data.

    I remember when I arrived that the Payroll software did not produce a 1099R correctly, according to IRS requirements and the provisions of the Township’s pensions. I brought this to the attention of the PR programming group, and the following year they added the necessary changes to accommodate our pensions.

    Also, I kind of thought out loud about a couple of reports to help with financial analysis that were subsequently hard-coded into the General Ledger system, which is not something I would expect from a normal software firm.

  • When you are having problem say with payroll for example, you want it fixed! The longer you have to wait for someone from customer service to call you back the more anxious and frustrated you become.

    I don’t think I have ever had to wait more then 20 minutes for someone from BS&A to return my call. With the old software, my staff had become used to waiting days just for a return call. To put it nicely, often, the person calling back did not seem to share my staffs concern. Consequently, it became necessary to take a very stern tone voice with the old software support people if you were going to get anything done.

    When my staff started using BS&A support, they were astonished at how quickly BS&A people could help them solve a problem, even when it involved having a programmer make a modification to the software. BS&A people were always friendly and helpful. After awhile, my staff learned that they did not need to use a stern voice to get help from BS&A. As one of my staff told me, when we make a mistake or something is just not working, they do everything they can to help us fix it.

  • I like Everything about support!!!!

    They are knowledgeable, friendly, and most importantly, available. If they don’t know the answer, they find someone that can help and get back to you in a timely manner.

    I especially like the user group sessions. Being able to network with other users and the programmers solves a lot of minor issues. Sometimes you don’t even know there is a better way of doing things until you hear it from another user.

  • Exceptional customer service, extremely helpful in problem solving and responsive in helping me achieve success in my job.

  • BSA is very responsive. Often, I get a call back within an hour. Many times the return call is within 10 minutes. I am treated with respect and not as if I am incompetent. I called last week with a question about something I did wrong in accounts payable the problem was fixed with that one call.

  • They are very helpful and respond quickly. I always know that I will get a call back within a reasonable amount of time.

    There have been a few instances where I have asked for a change in the software and they have implemented that in the next release.

  • The immediate assistance! For years, I have told software companies that the strength of their company is tech support. Every customer wants an immediate cure to any problem they encounter. BS&A is a company that seems to understand that fully. You must continue to keep a large enough staff to handle your customer base and make sure that they are very well trained!

  • We had previously used BS&A for the property based programs and were so impressed with the user-friendly programs, but more than anything, we LOVED the customer service. The employees are not only helpful, knowledgeable and professional, they are so personable! You can really feel comfortable asking them anything and they don’t make you feel stupid or inferior. They explain things so you can understand them.

    They are so smart!! They are friendly…..I have NEVER had a bad experience with any support staff and we have had the programs for many years.

  • Promptness, courtesy and a very friendly attitude. No matter how “dumb” the question may seem to me or one of our staff, the BS&A staff always makes us feel like we are important to them as a customer. Also, if no one is available when we call, the return calls are prompt.

  • The support staff is knowledgeable, very pleasant, and friendly… and really care about solving your problems.

  • The support staff listens first, and then proceeds to repeat what was told to them, assuring me that they did hear my concern or question! If our explanation is not clear they have the ability to get into the system and we can literally walk them thru our issue. Having many clients at B S & A, could mean a tie up for support, however you are NEVER made to feel you are bothering them, and the turn around time on support is outstanding.

  • – Quick response
    – Knowledge of your software and general accounting practices and procedures

  • I appreciate their high level of product knowledge; timeliness and courtesy. I feel they are responsive.

  • BS&A is a company of good communication – both listening and teaching. They want our City to be successful.

  • Very responsive. Each time I have had a question for Matt, I will email it. He responds within minutes of receiving it. We either work thru the problems with emails, or phone calls as needed. We have been working with Matt over the last few months on our work orders and handheld computers. As we ran into glitches, Matt was able to enhance the system to correct the problems, and we could continue with our testing. We have thrown new problems/wants along the way, and Matt always took it with a “smile on his face” and implemented the system as to what we needed.

    Again, during the last 4 months, as we ran into various problems, I could always count on Matt to help me with those by either showing me what needed to be done, or correcting the problem as we went along.

  • Friendly, knowledgeable and when talking with your staff, in regards to a problem, your staff comes across like they enjoy their job.

  • I believe the support staff at BSA sets you apart from other software companies. The support staff knows the program inside and out, and knows accounting also. With our old software vendor, I would first have to explain basic accounting to the support staff before explaining the problem at hand. Additionally, the response time is exceptional. On a busy day, we might wait up to an hour for a call back from BSA; with our old vendor, we measured response time in days, not minutes.

  • BS&A is very responsive to problems or requests for program enhancements. Most problems are corrected in the same day reported. A City department needed some specialized payroll reports and BS&A programmers had them available with a program update in two weeks.

  • They give my explanation a chance. They don’t assume I don’t know what I’m talking about. They will look at my issue and find a solution.

  • We chose BS&A three years ago and are very happy with our choice. The software is easy to use and reliable. Customer support is excellent. Any questions we have or issues that arise are handled promptly. We value the fact that the software is constantly being improved and upgraded, often as the result of user comments and suggestions. We would definitely recommend the software to others looking for a reliable accounting package.

  • Without exception every member of the BS&A support staff creates an atmosphere where we have felt completely valued and supported. Every interaction that we have had with BS&A has made us feel as though we were working with a valued and trusted co-worker who is genuinely concerned and committed to solving the challenge and achieving a higher level of service to our community.

  • Three things stand out: The unusually fast response, the high quality of response and of the outcomes, the knowledge of your support staff about your products, and the ability of your technical support staff to remotely take control of our system to work out a problem make it easy to get most problems resolved quickly. Finally, the multiple ways by which we can access your technical support personnel (phone, fax, email, and via your Web site) make it easy to get help when needed.

  • When issues arise, often times you worry, you wait, wait, wait. Many times you have time constraints with payroll, reports and other information. If customer support is poor it does not matter how good the software is, the support will destroy any feeling of security in using the software on a day to day basis. BSA software is simply second to none. No wait, no hassle, no issues, no problems. I have been through at least five, maybe six full conversions in my career. By far, the BSA experience was seamless and smooth. I have scars to show you from the others.

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