1. Changelog
  2. Payroll


March 15, 2023

-  Added: 2023 Virginia State Income Tax Tables are available for use.
-  Corrected: Issue in which attempting to delete an employee with no check history resulted in an error.
-  Added/Corrected: Cut-Off Date Field to NHRS Annual Retiree Export and adjusted calculations for Total Hours and Total Wages.

March 01, 2023

-  Updated: Various Exception Reports and Exports to include Life-to-Date adjustments added to Leave Balances.
-  Corrected: Timesheets Departmental Hours Summary Report to no longer error when 'Show Hidden Employees' is toggled.

February 15, 2023

-  Corrected: The Kronos Leave Balance Export will now display the appropriate information when different Additional Report Options are toggled.
-  Added: Michigan's Supplemental Tax Calculation can now be used to calculate State Tax Withholding on supplemental payments.
-  Added: Re-Hire Date to the Employee Information Export.
-  Added: 2023 Mississippi State Income Tax Tables are available for use.
New Features
-  Added the option to 'Use Employee's Alternate E-mail Address' on the MERS DC+ Retirement Export.
-  Corrected: Issue in which the Employee YTD Summary Report was not including some check adjustments in the employee totals.
-  Corrected: The 1099-R Preview Summary and1099-R Proofing Reports will now include Local Income Tax Withholding Year-to-Date adjustments.

February 01, 2023

-  Added: 2023 North Carolina State Income Tax Tables are available for use.
-  Added: 2023 Maine State Income Tax Tables are available for use.
-  Added: 2023 Colorado State Income Tax Tables are available for use.
-  Added: 2023 Missouri State Income Tax Tables are available for use.
-  Corrected: ND SITW Tax Tables to reflect the correct wage brackets for the Head of Household table.

January 17, 2023

-  Corrected: ACA Tax Year 2022 has been put into production and export files may now be created.

January 15, 2023

-  Added: W-4P now available for change request on BS&A Online.
-  Added: 2023 Vermont State Income Tax Tables are available for use.
-  Added: 2023 Indiana State Income Tax Tables are available for use.
-  Added: 2023 North Dakota State Income Tax Tables are available for use.
-  Added: 2023 Minnesota State Income Tax Tables are available for use.
-  Added: 2023 Michigan State Income Tax Tables are available for use.
Program Setup
-  Added: Benefit Plan Setup Table View now has the ability to hide inactive records.
-  Corrected: IMRF Export now includes hyphens in date format.
-  Corrected: Deduction History by Employee and Expense History by Employee reports will now correctly display an employee's updated name.
-  Added: 2023 Illinois State Income Tax Tables are available for use.

January 01, 2023

-  Added: Nebraska 2023 tax tables are now available for use.
-  Added: South Carolina 2023 tax tables are now available for use.
-  Added: Iowa 2023 tax tables are now available for use.
-  Added: Alabama 2023 tax tables are now available for use.
-  Added: 2022 federal W-4P is now available for use.
-  Added: 2022 Federal Income Tax Withholding tables are available for use.
-  Added: Remittance Liability by Employee Report now has an Employee Sort Index option.
-  Added: NHRS Retirement Pension Gold Version 3 Export to Retirement Exports.
-  Updated: 2023 MDOT Equipment Rental Rates

December 15, 2022

-  Corrected: BSA Standard 4 Up With Boxes, W-2 has been updated to better fit the recommended envelope address windows.
-  Added: EFW2 file export now available for MS.
-  Corrected: Issue in which the 'Create Hours Spreadsheet File' was not factoring Life-to-Date Leave Balance adjustments.

December 01, 2022

-  Added: "Other" will be an available option for "Termination Reason."
-  Corrected: Remittance IDs which are associated with Ded/Exp can no longer be marked as inactive.
-  Corrected: Issue in which PAFs were not acknowledging Position Control Rate Restrictions set on Positions.
New Features
-  Added: A 'Show Hidden Employees' toggle option to the Salaries by GL Fund-Dept Report found within Payroll Reports.
-  Added: Departmental Work Comp Report now has a sub-header to better notate the report.
-  Added: New option 'No Employees Paid By Donation' is available for IN 100R Export to meet reporting requirements.

November 15, 2022

-  Corrected: The Subtotal By Employee option on the Deduction History by Checks and Expense History by Checks now provides one total for an employee that has had a name change.
-  Added: Indicator to 'Departmental Hours and Gross by Rate Summary Report' to show if there are reporting discrepancies due to YTD or check adjustments to an employee.
-  Added: EFW2 file export now available for AL.
-  Added: EFW2 file export now available for AR.
-  Added: EFW2 file export now available for IA.
-  Added: EFW2 file export now available for KY.
-  Added: EFW2 file export now available for SC.
-  Added: EFW2 file export now available for WI.
-  Added: User Fields are now available for use on Advanced Queries for Deduction History by Checks, Deduction History by Employees, Expense History by Checks, Expense History by Employees, and YTD Deduction/Expense Reports.

November 02, 2022

-  Corrected: Issue in which Florida customers with employees on rate tables were receiving an Object Reference Error when trying to create the FRS Export.

November 01, 2022

-  Added: EFW-2C Export for State of Ohio.
-  Corrected: Multiple web applicants can now be deleted at once, without error.
-  Corrected: Generic Applicant Import now correctly imports 'Ethnic Category' when applicable.
-  Corrected: Benefit Plans tied to a Position template will now correctly merge with the existing Benefit Plans in which the employee is currently enrolled when the Position is added and setup is inherited.
-  Corrected: The Create Retirement Statements Task to spread distributions correctly when calculating interest.

October 15, 2022

-  Corrected: Logic between Personnel Action Forms and Incumbent interactions has been updated to resolve issues that arise when multiple PAF's effect the incumbent record.
-  Added: PA EFW2C can now be created.
New Features
-  Added: EFW-2C Export for State of Minnesota.
-  Corrected: Changed 'commit' to 'committed' in error message when attempting to commit non-pending W2-C.
-  Updated Arkansas state tax tables to be in line with the Withholding Tax Formula Method effective 10/1/2022.
-  Corrected: Calculation of 'Annualized Salary Amount' within FRS Export. Where we were previously reporting the Actual Monthly Salary x 12, we will now be calculating the Salary for Hourly employees using the following equation: Primary Rate x Average Hours in Pay Period x Pay Frequency. For Salary employees, we will display the Primary Pay Salary amount.
-  Corrected: Great West Retirement Export no longer includes more than two decimal values on reported gross wages.

October 01, 2022

New Features
-  Added the EFW-2C RS record for VT.

September 15, 2022

-  Updated: BSA Standard W-3C Format to better align with the IRS W-3C format.
-  Added: EFW2 RS Record for VT
-  Added: EFW2 RS Record for ND.

September 01, 2022

New Features
-  Updated: When adding a new Emergency Contact to an Employee, the 'Copy Address and Phone From Employee' button has been split into two separate options, 'Copy Address From Employee' and 'Copy Phone From Employee'.
-  Added: Ability to use Sub Accounts within the setup of Expenses.
-  Corrected: NHRS Export no longer includes special characters between pay period IDs.
-  Added: 'Do not include lines with zero hours and amounts' has been added to the PERSI Export options

August 15, 2022

-  Scheduled Update: No specific feature changes.

August 01, 2022

-  Addressed reporting issue for calculated fields.

August 01, 2022

-  Corrected: Negative values can no longer be used on Benefit Plan Ded/Exp codes when calculating a check.
-  Corrected: Merge and Overwrite Positions, Departments, Bargaining Units and Job Classes through a PAF now correctly applies classification changes.

July 15, 2022

-  Added: Idaho 2022 Tax Tables are now available for use.
-  Corrected an issue within BS&A Online Employee Self Service in which Dependents without Social Security Numbers could not be deleted from the employee record.
-  Updated the Timesheets 'Employee Hours by Pay Code' report to include a setting to 'Page Break Between Employees'.

July 01, 2022

New Features
-  Updated the Employee Information Export to include Start and End Date columns for Distributions, Leave Banks, Direct Deposits and Deduction/Expenses.
-  Corrected issue in which users without security access to Reminders were able to still view, edit, reinstate and dismiss reminders.
Program Security
-  Corrected: Users with HR Security access to Employee Social Security Numbers will now be able to search by Employee SSN in HR, regardless of having any security access to Payroll.

June 15, 2022

New Features
-  Added a space to enter notes to the Mass Primary Rate Change Task.
-  Updated the OH - Quarterly Unemployment Wages Export to better align with reporting export requirements.

June 01, 2022

-  Corrected Sterling Heights Kronos Import to now import Employee information correctly.

May 15, 2022

-  Corrected: When cloning the budget, Budget Start Dates on new employees from the previous year will be removed and FTEs will calculate based on a full year, instead of a partial year.
-  Corrected: Check Proofing Report, when printing from the Calc Check screen, now shows the correct Withholding Rate.
-  Added the ability to show department totals on the Budget Items Detail Report within the Run Budget task.

May 01, 2022

-  Corrected: Check Amounts by GL Number Report and Earnings and Ded/Exp by GL Number Report now correctly report wages for checks that have a deduction larger than the payment distributions.
-  Added: New 2022 IMRF Retirement Export is now available for use.

April 15, 2022

-  Corrected: Mass Approve/Deny Timesheets now correctly loads timesheets with a start or end date outside of the date filters, when applicable.
-  Corrected: Remittance Checks no longer display zero balance items when reissued.
-  Corrected: OH Unemployment Wage Export now meets updated specifications.
-  Corrected: Updated 'GL Number Does Not Exist' error message to give more details when journalizing a Payroll.

April 01, 2022

-  Corrected: Now appropriately applying check adjustments from a voided Benefit Invoice Reconciliation to future checks.
New Features
-  Added: New tool on 'Employee Information: Check History' to Void, Reissue, or Adjust employee check.
-  Attachments included in email notifications regarding applied Personnel Action Forms will now state the Effective Date.
-  Corrected: Running the Leave Balance Report to Spreadsheet, for specific leave banks, will no longer exclude employees who do not have the specified leave banks, unless the option to do so is explicitly chosen.
-  Added: New option 'Include Roth Contribution Column' to the Diversified Export Form, which will include columns for 'gender', 'E-mail address', and 'Roth amount' to the export.
-  Corrected: 1095-C formats 'BS&A 1095-C for Window Envelope' and 'BS&A 1095-C Portrait' now correctly populate the 'Plan Start Month' field.
-  Corrected Custom East Point Resource Centers Member Export.