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Remote Assistance

To start a remote assistance session:

  • Contact BS&A Support weekdays from 8:30 AM to 5:00 PM EST by phone at (517) 641-8900 or Toll Free (855) BSA-SOFT (272-7638)
  • Enter the Session Key provided by your representative in the space below, and hit submit
  • Start your session and chat with your representative

Please enter the Session Key provided by your BS&A Software Support Representative below and click Submit.

About Bomgar

Bomgar is a simple, fast, and secure remote control application. BS&A Software uses Bomgar for remote access to our customers’ PCs to aid in troubleshooting. This greatly improves our ability to give our customers fast and accurate results by allowing us to see and control their PC for a short time.

Connection Details

Once the connection has been established, both you and the BS&A representative will have the ability to see and control the PC. We have found that many times calls can be concluded very quickly by using this feature because both parties can see what is happening and quickly resolve the problem by working together. The Bomgar application also allows for the transfer of files between both parties and can be very useful in sending you updated report files, program updates, etc.

Questions & Concerns

BS&A understands that more than ever people are focused on the security and the safety of their network PCs and files, as well as their users’ safety. We do not take these concerns lightly. You can terminate the remote connection at any time simply by closing the application. In addition, the remote session can only be started by going to our website and typing in a unique session key provided by a BS&A Support Technician. By using the Bomgar application for remote support, you ultimately have control over the entire session.

BS&A offers unparalleled support for all customers

We make personal, one-on-one support a priority, so your questions or problems can be quickly and easily resolved. In addition to support via phone call, email, or messaging in the platform, we also offer remote assistance. Remote assistance allows our experts to connect with you directly through screen-sharing software. Remote assistance sessions take place over a secure network, which you can start and terminate at any time. To maintain security, remote sessions require a session key, which your BS&A Software Support Representative will provide when you contact us via phone, email, or messaging in the platform.

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