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On Premise

When municipality-owned on-site servers and software are important to your organization, BS&A’s On-Premise Desktop ERP software serves your employees, and provides networked opportunities on-site. Our team of experts work directly with your I.T. staff to install, implement, and maintain our ERP software with ongoing maintenance and support.

There are some benefits to using a traditional, on-site ERP software solution. It is: installed on your organization’s hardware and servers; managed by your own technical staff; owned by your municipality. Control of processes and access to data are all at your fingertips. You know your municipality and taxpayers best, and you may need a solution that lets you focus on what’s important to them.

Maximum Control

With an On-Premise platform, your municipality is fully responsible for your network configuration, software installation, and data protection. This gives you full control over data, functionality, and security.


Some municipalities prefer having dedicated servers within their building to handle all of their needs. Instead of requesting additional Cloud storage through BS&A and Microsoft Azure, your I.T. staff can simply manage the upgrades themselves.

Operate without Internet

One of the major upsides of On-Premise software is that it doesn’t require users to have an internet connection to access data. Though most municipalities rely on the internet to conduct business, there’s always a fear that the loss of a connection could harm productivity. On-Premise servers will provide you with an internal network that is accessible anytime within your office, no matter your internet connection.

BS&A On-Premise ERP

BS&A’s On-Premise Desktop ERP software was built specifically for local government. It has many years of proven success. For municipalities that prefer in-house servers and software, it is a high quality and tested solution. For over 30 years, our complete focus has been to provide outstanding software and unparalleled service to our public sector clients. It’s who we are and it’s what we do.

On-Premise Learning Center

Need assistance with our on-premise solutions? Visit our learning center to access webinars, video tutorials, and other technical resources.