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As the Zoning Enforcement Official and the Building Inspector for Clark Township, I have been using the BS&A software program for my work.

I have been very appreciative of their support and help on many occasions. They have never failed to fix the problem, or answer the question in a clear and concise manner. There have been times when I had to leave a message and request a call back, and they have never failed to return my call and resolve the “issues”.

I am old enough to remember good ‘ole fashioned customer service, a lost art with many of today’s companies. I can think of one word to describe BS&A Software’s customer service, and our working relationship……EXCELLENT!!

Clark Township, MI

BS&A’s customer service and support has been outstanding. When I call the office, someone is available immediately to answer a question. If not available immediately, they respond in a very timely fashion. They are available by e-mail or by phone. The staff is well trained and has been able to answer my questions right away or get back to me with an answer in a very short time period. If there is additional information that I need (like a specific report or program function) the staff works diligently to meet all of my needs right away. They are a pleasure to work with.

Everyone has been very nice and supportive with the big questions and the little stuff, too. I enjoy working with the staff.

City of Holland, MI

Availability, knowledge, and personality are keys to my definition of customer service. The staff at BS&A are always available and willing to help. A simple phone call or email is immediately answered, and the friendly staff is quick to provide help for any problem. With Remote Assistance, the staff can walk me through a process without me even having to leave my office.

Pere Marquette Township

Being able to keep in balance on a daily basis. With all of the changes that are made to the tax roll because of homesteads, tribunal changes and board’s of review, being able to keep in balance on a daily basis is so important. So many other reasons like ease of data entry, storage of digital data etc.

Digital scanning of data. Great reports. Programs to help with balancing totals. Being able to draw a sketch and have the data entered has been great. I like being able to run sales studies then calculate a ratio from the reports in a step by step process. Never new I could do that until this year. Being able to export data into different formats is so important also.

Saginaw Charter Township, MI

I am a new treasurer, and starting a new type of job and learning the software is always challenging. My first experience with BS&A was the training on how to use it. The training was great and very informational. The BS&A software is very easy to use, I am amazed at how much the software can do. I couldn’t image doing this type of work without this software program. We are also interfaced with the accounting/general ledger which makes our whole bookkeeping process so much more efficient. I could only imagine how much time this is saving our company.

Since I am fairly new at this job and using BS&A software I’m always finding newer and more efficient ways to do my job. I have just started importing files from our big Mortgage companies so we don’t have to enter each property individually. I’m really excited to see how much time this is going to save us when we send out our tax bills to the mortgage companies electronically, and when they pay them electronically. We spent a lot of time going through the list from the mortgage companies entering payments one at a time. It seems that BS&A is always coming up with newer and more improved ideas to help their customers.

Prairieville Township, MI

The City of Mt. Pleasant has used BS&A software since before I became Treasurer. I have been extremely pleased at BS&A’s responsiveness to customer needs and to the changes in state laws regarding tax and assessing. Since many of my colleagues in the state also use BS&A it makes it much easier to share ideas individually or in a group training session.

When we added the financial systems the gains in cash receipting and reconciliation were exponential. When the financial system wasn’t linked it would take hours to reconcile the general ledger to the tax system. Now it takes longer to queue the reports, as they usually are no reconciling items. We have also seen efficiencies in cash receipting from bar coding bills and not having to switch between seasons for receipting. Since the upgrade to .net tax, we have enjoyed the ability to see pictures of the property and special assessment information. The processing of Board of Review changes was also more efficient since they were only entered once by the Assessor and imported into the tax program eliminating the need to enter twice.

City of Mt Pleasant, MI

Functionality, simplicity, continuous updating, superb customer support, all at a fair price… can’t really ask for much more. And the transition from our old system was quick and painless. No comparison between our old system and the quality of BS&A and the support of your knowledgeable staff.

The most specific enhancement I can think of is that delinquent tax allows us to post delinquent tax payments on the system even before units have settled with us. These payments had to be manually backposted previously. Also, the settlement process is much easier for the local units (and us), allowing them to settle with us much earlier than they used to.

Kent County

I like the ease that you can move between seasons in the tax software and the ease that you can print reports, conduct searches by property address, etc.

A huge feature is the database compare report. This report runs in a matter of seconds. You can then print a report showing the differences with the parcel numbers that is affected. I like the way the comment button flashes as a reminder.

Ionia County, MI

Using BS & A Tax Software has made Tax Administration run more efficient for me. It has helped me meet my deadlines more easily and just has helped the whole tax process run more smoothly.

Two product features that come to mind are Mortgage Code Electronic Imports. It allows you to mark 400+ parcels paid in just a second or two. It is GREAT and saves sooo much time! Another feature is the way the system handles adjustments (MMT, STC, Boards of Review, etc). It is so easy, fast, and accurate. I always dreaded going through the whole process of doing tax adjustments – and now, it is just another job to do in a day.

City of Zeeland, MI

BS&A is a very user friendly program. Your reports can be tailored to your wants and needs. Our Building, Water & Sewer, Assessing, Tax, General Ledger and Receipting have all switched to BS & A and we love the links that we have between the different departments now. The help system built within the system is fantastic. If you still have problems after the “HELP”, more assistance is only a phone call away. You wouldn’t be sorry with the switch to BS&A. You would be working with knowledgeable, kind and considerate people that always talk to you not down to you.

Byron Township, MI

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