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The “Tax” and “Assessing” programs can be linked, providing up-to-the-minute name and address changes to the Tax Program as they are changed by the assessor in the Assessing data base. Many benefits to this! Also, with this linkage, certain fields can be utilized in Assessing that carry over to Tax (helpful in report writing and sorting). We always know if “Tax” and “Assessing” have differences, due to a handy little icon that appears on the bottom of the screen in “Tax”. This has proven in helpful in alerting me that a mid-year assessor uncapping was input into Assessing but not in Tax! Our Tax system is also linked to Utility Billing, so when a firm calls to inquire the status of property taxes, we can also check the UB status directly in the Tax system! What a time saver THAT is!! Besides it saving us time, it also reminds us to check for late/unpaid sewer billings as we are checking the tax status.

Debra K. Buckowing, Township Treasurer
Thornapple Township

Being able to keep in balance on a daily basis. With all of the changes that are made to the tax roll because of homesteads, tribunal changes and board’s of review, being able to keep in balance on a daily basis is so important. So many other reasons like ease of data entry, storage of digital data etc.

Digital scanning of data. Great reports. Programs to help with balancing totals. Being able to draw a sketch and have the data entered has been great. I like being able to run sales studies then calculate a ratio from the reports in a step by step process. Never new I could do that until this year. Being able to export data into different formats is so important also.

David Johnson, Deputy Director of Assessing
Saginaw Charter Township, MI

Since our City began using BS&A’s Assessing/Tax Software, we no longer need to help implement taxation changes with our internal programmers which in the past was an extremely time consuming and expensive task. We have also been able to reduce our Treasury Dept. staff because tax administration is so much more efficient using their software. The ability to place the information on the web has eliminated a significant number of phone calls.

The affidavits for tax roll adjustment are produced from BS&A’s software instead of preparing them from spreadsheets which really saves us a lot of time. Their software allowed us to create and customize our own tax bill for our City. We can edit the tax bill whenever we need to very easily. Tax roll changes are also very easy to process. One simple process corrects both the tax bill and the tax distribution.

Over the years, I have requested several small but time-saving changes be made to their software. They have always been able to incorporate my requests and there was never a charge.

Linda Osiecki
City of Rochester Hills, MI

I am a new treasurer, and starting a new type of job and learning the software is always challenging. My first experience with BS&A was the training on how to use it. The training was great and very informational. The BS&A software is very easy to use, I am amazed at how much the software can do. I couldn’t image doing this type of work without this software program. We are also interfaced with the accounting/general ledger which makes our whole bookkeeping process so much more efficient. I could only imagine how much time this is saving our company.

Since I am fairly new at this job and using BS&A software I’m always finding newer and more efficient ways to do my job. I have just started importing files from our big Mortgage companies so we don’t have to enter each property individually. I’m really excited to see how much time this is going to save us when we send out our tax bills to the mortgage companies electronically, and when they pay them electronically. We spent a lot of time going through the list from the mortgage companies entering payments one at a time. It seems that BS&A is always coming up with newer and more improved ideas to help their customers.

Kasandra McGuire, Treasurer
Prairieville Township, MI

If I were going to a gym to hire a personal trainer to get me in better shape, I would pick the one with the physique I most wanted to look like. In doing so, I will know that they have experienced the challenges I too will face, and are equipped for success. Many of BS&A’s employees have or have had personal and hands on experience with property assessing and appraisal work. This experience is illustrated through the Assessing software in that it is tailored to meet all of the needs required by the State, County, and industry professional standards expected to turn out a quality end product. The integrated forms for State reporting, ease of sharing data with the County, and ability to review appraisal information quickly and easily are just a few of the reasons our office chooses to use BS&A’s Assessing software.

BS&A’s “Sales Search & Analysis” feature has made exporting, sorting, and evaluating sales data for my annual ECF reviews a seamless process.

The integration with our building department system has allowed us to import building permits assigned to a property, so that we can efficiently determine which properties require field visits.

The use of BS&A’s reports, such as the L-4021, allow me to quickly expedite lists of property data for review and audit prior to the preparation of my annual assessment notices.

I use the “Miscellaneous Totals” report on a weekly basis to verify accurate employment of my mathematical calculations. This report gives a quick synopsis of my valuation totals so that I can give informative data to our Township Board and inquiring property owners.

I use printouts of “Property Record Cards” on a daily basis to share our valuations with inquiring property owners, realtors, and the general public.

Tyler Tacoma, Assessor
Jamestown Township, MI

I find the updated tax software to be a tremendous time saver and very easy to use. I like the navigation tab, also viewing history info is easier and the ease of going between summer and winter seasons with just a click is great. I find it very hard to sum up in a few lines how much I really like the tax program. I just find the program to be very user friendly and efficient to use.

I also find how to apply payment much easier. Also, I like how when I switch from one tax year to another tax year, it stays with the same property owner. This is really helpful when dealing with a title company or a mortgage company. Also, having the current balance due for all seasons in one place (in the column on the left on the page I consider the main page) is really beneficial also. I’m still learning new things, so I expect my productivity will increase as I use the software more.

Leanne Simon, Treasurer
Portland Township, MI

The BS&A Software is extremely user friendly. It makes moving within the data of each parcel or from parcel to parcel within the township a breeze. The entire package is simple to use and even includes warning notices to stop you from making mistakes.

Our network allows the data from one program to automatically transfer other programs, such as addresses from assessing to tax, or cash receipting to tax and this greatly speeds up the processes. The ability to mark parcels and make mass changes such as summer deferments is a real time saver. The check sheets for setting up the new tax year make the process almost painless. The flexibility of the report writing system allows you to get the reports you want in the format you want with ease. Downloading the assessor’s information eliminates the need for double entry and possible errors. All the processes seem so easy.

Nancy Stark, Office Administrator
Pine River Township, MI

Oneida Charter Township has been using BS&A programs since 1995. We began with the Assessing program in 1995. We then progressed to Tax Administration and Animal Licensing. All of the programs are very user friendly. Your programs are always being updated with the latest changes in laws.

The programs have an enormous number of built in reports. There are reports that are used on a daily basis to monitor payment activity. There are reports that make monthly disbursements a simple task. The year-end settlement and audit process is made simple with the checks and balances that are built into the program.

Rich Palermo, Treasurer
Oneida Charter Township

BS&A will be the best software you’ll ever own and the only way you’ll know this is when you take classes and learn the program to its fullest potential. Having a program is 10% and knowing how to use it correctly is 90%. The program can only do as much as the user knows.

Running reports and blocking parcels different ways can give you multiple options of evaluating information. Being able to write reports can save time to filter out specific information

Therese Zaborowski, City Assessor
City of Sault Ste Marie, MI

The City of Mt. Pleasant has used BS&A software since before I became Treasurer. I have been extremely pleased at BS&A’s responsiveness to customer needs and to the changes in state laws regarding tax and assessing. Since many of my colleagues in the state also use BS&A it makes it much easier to share ideas individually or in a group training session.

When we added the financial systems the gains in cash receipting and reconciliation were exponential. When the financial system wasn’t linked it would take hours to reconcile the general ledger to the tax system. Now it takes longer to queue the reports, as they usually are no reconciling items. We have also seen efficiencies in cash receipting from bar coding bills and not having to switch between seasons for receipting. Since the upgrade to .net tax, we have enjoyed the ability to see pictures of the property and special assessment information. The processing of Board of Review changes was also more efficient since they were only entered once by the Assessor and imported into the tax program eliminating the need to enter twice.

Mary Ann Kornexl, Deputy Finance Director/Treasurer
City of Mt Pleasant, MI

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