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BS&A Software is user friendly. Excellent options on various reports to balance year end as well as daily collections.

I like the ability to segregate databases to get report totals. One database has Brownfield, Brownfield IFT, RenZone IFT’s, IFT, and Ad Valorem parcels.

Bruce Township, MI

The assessing software from BS&A is the cutting edge in assessing software. Any changes in the tax laws or State Tax Commission requirements are met in a speedy and efficient manor. The residential sketch to pricing is a huge time saving innovation. Attaching pictures and other document to a parcel is just a few clicks on the mouse. The sales comparative analysis has cut hours of time for answering residential M.T.T. appeals.

The residential sketch to pricing is a huge time saving innovation. The sales comparative analysis has cut hours of time for answering residential M.T.T. appeals. The options available in the ECF analysis can be as simple as a class or can break it down into an ECF for building styles as well as physical conditions.

Bangor Township, MI

In the BS&A Tax and Assessing programs the most important improvements to our productivity are the comment section and the ability to attach documents to the parcel. For example if a parcel received a correction to the taxable value from a Michigan Tax Tribunal you can attach a copy of the documentation from the State. This improves the amount of time required to answer questions when you have all of the information at your fingertips. As for the comment section, if you have left a message for a property owner to return your call anyone call look at the comment to see what the issue is so the issue can be addressed promptly.

Bangor Township, MI

In our opinion the two most beneficial changes with the Assessing.Net is the integration of Apex and Equalizer and the mapping feature. The mapping feature has given us the ability to create custom maps for field work and sales studies without having to buy another software program and streamlined the map making process.

The integration of Apex with BS&A has made our time in the field more efficient because any change made to the sketch is automatically linked to the pricing. As any employee we are always trying to find ways to become more efficient and BS&A has definitely helped us be more efficient in our work.

Antrim & Grand Traverse County, MI

BS&A’s customer service is outstanding! I almost always have to have someone call me back and I’ve never had someone NOT call me back in a reasonable amount of time. Occasionally, support will have trouble answering my question or fixing the software problem and they ask if they can call me back after they discuss it with another support staff member. I have ALWAYS gotten an answer and/or a status update by the end of that day.

Bath Township, MI

To be able to talk with someone at a moment’s notice with the ability of support team logging on to our data to discover the problem is extremely helpful. All the staff is very professional and helpful.

Ionia County, MI

I have always received prompt call back on any question or problem. Staff personnel are very knowledgeable and are very courteous when answering.

BSA is a cut above and always striving to improve software. All new State mandates are promptly implemented and well tested so there aren’t implementation problems.

Bruce Township, MI

I don’t even know where to begin. First and foremost is the support. It doesn’t matter if it is a silly question or a serious bug all calls and emails are responded to a very timely manner and the issues are always resolved very quickly. The program is easy to keep updated and the update descriptions are very concise and easy to understand. The program is easy to use and the uses and abilities of the program continue to amaze me. I can’t imagine doing the job without it.

No other word than fantastic can describe the support team! They always do what it takes to either fix the issue in a very prompt fashion and they never make you feel bad about calling for even the simplest of things.

City of Coldwater, MI

Each member of the assessing tech support team at BS&A is very knowledgeable and helpful. Their willingness to assist customers is second to none. Their response time, as well as resolution to problems, is quick and efficient. Not only do they understand the program, they understand assessing, which only enhances their service to their customers. The company’s involvement in State and local assessing associations, whether training, updating or mingling, demonstrates its’ desire to maintain successful relationships with their customers.

Another observation I have made is that the staff, across all departments at BS&A, seem to work well as a team. It is obvious that they have the best interest of their clients at hand and do what they can to make their product the best on the market. I especially like that they are open to, and appreciate, suggestions to make enhancements to the software. BS&A software makes every assessor’s job easier… especially Assessing.net and all its’ capabilities!

Gaines Charter Township, MI

The benefit of using BS&A Software for taxes is summed up to customer support. Everyone in the customer support department is so well trained; they almost know your questions before you can ask them. You want a report that lists A,B,C and can’t find it . . you will have it saved in your system in 2 minutes; you are setting up your database for the next year . . . you are talked through the process so you don’t miss a step. On top of intelligent answers, they are genuinely nice people! You feel like you are calling a friend or cousin who is tech savvy.

Customer service is what defines and lifts BS&A above the rest. They must have hundreds of clients that they talk to each tax season, but they never seem tired of reviewing the information with you, or bored with their job. They are easy to talk to and quick offer solutions to make our jobs easier.

The rapport you build with the customer service staff is more than staff/customer. I would be glad to welcome my BS&A friends into my home, they feel that close.

Dewitt Township, MI

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