Dewitt Township, MI

The benefit of using BS&A Software for taxes is summed up to customer support. Everyone in the customer support department is so well trained; they almost know your questions before you can ask them. You want a report that lists A,B,C and can’t find it . . you will have it saved in your system in 2 minutes; you are setting up your database for the next year . . . you are talked through the process so you don’t miss a step. On top of intelligent answers, they are genuinely nice people! You feel like you are calling a friend or cousin who is tech savvy.

Customer service is what defines and lifts BS&A above the rest. They must have hundreds of clients that they talk to each tax season, but they never seem tired of reviewing the information with you, or bored with their job. They are easy to talk to and quick offer solutions to make our jobs easier.

The rapport you build with the customer service staff is more than staff/customer. I would be glad to welcome my BS&A friends into my home, they feel that close.