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BS&A Online Services – Public Records Search

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With more than 1,000 municipal customers and millions of hits per year, BS&A Online-Public Records Search has provided realtors and title companies with a quick and efficient way to view important data online.

By employing this method of data access, realtors and title companies no longer need to deploy personnel to city and township offices to physically gather important data. Instead, a quick search on BS&A Online-Public Records Search yields the information they need.

BS&A Online-Public Records Search makes E-payments quick, easy, and secure

BS&A Online-Public Records Search partners with payment processing companies to allow your taxpayers and customers to pay for property taxes, utilities, building permits, miscellaneous receivables, and more – anytime, anywhere – by accepting credit cards, debit cards, and electronic checks. Using one of three convenient payment channels, your revenues will increase, while your collection time and costs are reduced.

Payment Processing Three Ways

Through the assessment of a nominal convenience fee charged to the customer, you are able to collect 100% of the revenue due – no hidden fees!

BS&A Online-Public Records Search. The web model enables customer payment through a secure connection that interfaces with BS&A Online-Public Records Search. Each payment processor is a PCI Level 1 Certified service provider, which means they fulfill all of the requirements outlined by the credit card industry to deliver the highest level of data security for you and your customers.

Interactive Voice Response (IVR). This option allows customers with a touch-tone phone to pay with credit/debit cards at any time. Our payment processors’ IVR modules provide out-of-office payment capabilities to those without internet access. Customers call a dedicated phone number with voice commands that support customer look-up and credit/debit card payments through an intuitive menu of voice prompts. This self-service functionality increases customer satisfaction while delivering fast payment fulfillment and a dramatic reduction in operational costs.

Counter Payments. The Counter Payments option offers a simple, secure way to accept credit/debit cards in your office using our BS&A Cash Receipting module. This module interfaces with our payment processors’ back-end credit and debit card verification procedures, allowing you to quickly accept credit/debit payments at the clerk level.

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