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As Michigan’s recognized leader in the assessing industry, we know that defensible valuations are everything. In the early 1990s, BS&A slowly built our assessing software footprint amongst smaller and medium-sized municipalities. Over time, we have grown to be the assessing software provider of choice for every municipality in the state.

Our expertise has earned us the ability to assess and manage more than 5 million parcels within the state of Michigan.

Now, our Cloud-Based Assessing software provides the features to help you manage the entire property assessment process; from the storage of all property information to assessment administration, as well as valuation and appeals. We help you achieve accurate property values that are easily defensible to citizens and various boards of review.

Cloud-Based Assessing offers a full complement of options that are both potent and efficient. Our comprehensive tool set helps manage your property data, compare various assessment methods, apply appropriate modeling, link with ESRI Geographic Information systems, and integrate with other BS&A Cloud modules to provide an end-to-end system of workflows. Most importantly, taxpayers can trust your efforts as transparent and honest.

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