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Bank Reconciliation

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Many software applications use the term “reconciliation,” when they merely offer the ability to mark checks as cleared. BS&A’s Cloud-Based General Ledger module offers a more comprehensive solution. You can manually identify open and cleared transactions – individually or in groups, or via an import file from your bank. Multiple bank accounts and pooled cash functionality are easily managed with our Bank Reconciliation feature.

GL’s Bank Reconciliation feature also allows for the grouping of cash transactions by deposit, and reconciles other transactions (e.g., manual journal entries) that affect cash. This facilitates a complete reconciliation between your general ledger account balances and your corresponding bank account balances.

Like everywhere else in BS&A Cloud, when you need to look up an item quickly, you can do so based on amount range, type, and/or status. Our software is built with the end-user in mind, making the task of reconciliation easy and efficient with the fewest number of keystrokes.

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