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BS&A’s Cloud-Based Property Tax software provides you with comprehensive and intuitive tools that let you calculate and print tax bills, accept tax payments, and manage property in a timely and efficient manner. Cloud-Based Property Tax meets the tax revenue management challenges you face every day, from legislative and technology changes, to sharing information with the public, to interfacing with your County. Over the years, our solutions have helped assessors and treasurers produce more than 20 million tax bills. Our software’s easy navigation and efficient tools simplify the tax billing and collection process for you and your municipality.

Cloud-Based Property Tax is just one component of a suite that is fully capable of servicing the entire property life cycle; from valuation, to printing change notices, to billing, collection, and distribution. With BS&A’s Cloud-Based solution, you operate in a single shared database that crosses modules, allowing you to collect taxpayer data only once. The result – a single set of data across all interdependent departments – streamlines workflow between offices, and vastly improves taxpayer support and customer service.

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