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Purchase Order

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BS&A’s Graphical Workflow user interface allows for easy status checks, modification, and configuration. Approval is supported, and notifications can come via email, dashboards, and/or smartphones.

Our Cloud-Based software makes it easy for purchasing decision-makers to approve or deny off-site, reducing the number of employees to be granted authorization power. Requisitions can be approved/denied individually or in batch from a single window. Once approved, they can be quickly converted to purchase orders.

Requisitions can be set up to pre-encumber funds before approval. This triggers notifications that pending requisitions exist, and prevents potential over-spending before PO approval. Denial of a requisition automatically frees up the pre-encumbered funds.

Change orders are easily entered, and maintain a clear history of all changes. All pre-encumbrance and encumbrance accounting is handled automatically.

Capital asset purchases may be identified at the time of requisition, which can flow through the approval process to the time of purchase, which in turn can update BS&A’s Fixed Assets module – eliminating duplicate entry. Asset-flagging can be subject to rules that specify amounts and accounts, eliminating the need to manually mark them.

Finally, Purchase Order’s bid tracking keeps bidders and vendors separate, yet lets you easily convert bidders to vendors – again, eliminating duplicate data entry.

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