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Utility Billing

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BS&A’s Cloud-Based Utility Billing module provides complete billing for and tracking of a variety of utility types. Process Managers turn complex tasks into efficient step-by-step operations; Final Bills, Meter Changes, and Past Due/Shutoff, to name a few. Customizable Billing Cycles let you tailor tasks to specific needs. Our robust meter tracking works with Sensus, Badger, SLC/Neptune, Itron, Greentree, Hersey, and more.

Flexible billing item setup accommodates both consumption-based and flat rate fees. Our Internal Billing capability simplifies the billing of internal accounts by not requiring bills to be printed/payments processed.

Calculate interest on deposits and choose how to refund them to your customers – apply them to the next bill, or send a refund request to BS&A’s Cloud-Based Accounts Payable module and have a check cut.

Go paperless by emailing bills to customers and processing ACH payments from customers’ bank accounts.

Work Orders can be managed here in Utility Billing or in BS&A’s Cloud-Based Work Order module.

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