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Cash Receipting

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Centralize or decentralize your cashiering process with BS&A’s Cloud-Based Cash Receipting module, a robust cashiering solution that manages revenue collection from multiple locations and collection points. Easily accept payment for utility bills, property taxes, fees, tickets, and fines.

Cash Receipting allows you to manage the aforementioned revenue collection, and integrates with the necessary hardware – receipt printers; scanners; barcode readers; credit card readers. You can add user-defined receipt items to handle charges not maintained by any of the BS&A Cloud-Based modules. Receipt items can be set up to link to third-party billing systems by way of an end-of-day procedure that automatically creates an export file. Receipt transactions are easily grouped by deposit, providing quick balancing and easy end-of-month deposit reconciliation.

By simply entering a name or address, you can retrieve a detailed list of items owed and the grand total. You have the flexibility of marking any or all bills to be processed for payment.

Repetitive receipts – for example, utility bill mail payments – may be entered as fast as the barcoded bills can be scanned. Running batch totals are matched up with the total money received.

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