Power, flexibility, and accuracy are the hallmarks of BS&A Cloud-Based Payroll. Our software automates complex calculations, including retro-pay, to make compensation and deduction scenarios much easier to navigate.

All required Federal and State reporting is included and available for electronic submission: quarterly; ACA; EE04; Unemployment; Retirement. Automated W-2 processing uses all IRS-supported formats, including the Social Security Administration’s EFW2 file.

Rate table updates and step increases can be scheduled for future effective dates, and rates can be split automatically in the middle of a pay period.

Bring hours in from BS&A’s Cloud-Based Timesheets or third-party software. Go paperless with simple direct deposit processing and emailing of check stubs in password-protected PDF format.

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Unlimited system and user-defined leave types can be added to employees, and leave accrual tracking is painless. View all manner of YTD information for each employee, with drilldown into individual transactions.

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