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Building, Permits, and Inspections

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Permits, certificates, enforcements, inspections, and other records can be defined and tracked with BS&A’s Cloud-Based Community Development module. Its Projects feature provides a centralized view of complex construction projects for both Planning and Building Departments. The Projects feature has been designed to be completely customizable, because each department’s process can be quite intricate. Multiple aspects of a construction project – permits, inspections, letters, and so on – can be combined into one cohesive record, ensuring that every single step of a construction project is handled properly.

Track permits from application to finish. Attributes control how a permit handles fees due, inspections, and required input. Link to existing Contractor and Licensee records, or add them on-the-fly. As linkage between the permit and the Contractor/Licensee, Cloud checks for monies owed, license expiration, registration expiration, and Stop Work Orders, and notifies the user.

Contractors and Licensees are easily maintained and tracked in our software. Multiple Licensees can be associated with one Contractor, and local license numbers can be created if used. Track permit history, bonds, outstanding balances, and flags.

Take advantage of Community Development’s powerful Workflows feature. Reminders, documents, email, etc., can be added to permits, inspections, and other records manually, but why take a chance on things getting lost in the shuffle? Workflows trigger specific actions to engage automatically based on an event.

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