Accounts Payable

In addition to the standard invoice entry/check printing functionality, the BS&A Accounts Payable application interfaces with all of our billing applications for easy tracking and maintenance of refund requests. Tight integration with our GL/Budgeting application provides real-time budget verification to prevent overspending.

Positive Pay

Positive Pay is set up using your bank’s specifications. The export file is easily created and provides a list for your bank to use as a cross-reference, preventing check fraud.

ACH Payment Features

The convenience and security of paying invoices via ACH transfer is just as straightforward as a check run using paper checks. Once a vendor is set up as being paid via ACH, the application does the rest.

Upon processing an ACH check run, you’ll be prompted to generate the ACH file. Simply answer “Yes” and transfer the file to your bank via their instructions.

Full Integration with BS&A Purchase Order

In addition to increased budgetary control, integration with BS&A Purchase Order eliminates duplicate entry of purchase information – simply select the PO for payment, and all data is automatically filled out.

Electronic Check Requests

Refunds processed in linked billing applications can be transferred to Accounts Payable automatically. Simply select a pending Check Request for payment and relevant information is automatically filled in.

Linked applications can query Accounts Payable for the status of the check request. For example, the Utility Billing clerk can look up requested information (check cut? check cleared?) without having to consult with the Accounts Payable clerk.


The Notifications pane shows pending Recurring Invoices, pending Check Requests, unjournalized invoices/checks, and unposted journal entries.

Automatic Handling of Interfund Accounting Entries

Interfund accounting entries are handled automatically via Cash Account and Bank setup in GL/Budgeting. No knowledge of interfund accounting is necessary for Accounts Payable processing.

Comprehensive Collection of Built-in Reports… and a Free Report Writer

Why purchase a financial management system only to then invest more time creating the reports you need? BS&A’s applications come with an extensive list of flexible and easily-customizable reports.

A powerful Report Writer is included at no charge, giving you the ability to create reports you find necessary for your jurisdiction.

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