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Accounts Payable

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In addition to its standard invoice entry/check printing functionality, BS&A’s Cloud-Based Accounts Payable module offers much more, including communication between modules and data exchange with your bank.

Electronic refund/check requests from other modules are transferred to the AP module with a click, and relevant information is filled in for you. Users – for example, the Utility Billing clerk – can query Accounts Payable for the status of the request without having to consult the AP clerk, increasing internal efficiencies between departments.

As part of your budgeting process, the AP module provides real-time budget verification to prevent overspending.

BS&A’s Graphical Workflow user interface allows for easy status checks, modification, and configuration. Approval is supported, and notifications can come via email, dashboards, and/or smartphones.

Purchasing Card transactions can be manually entered or imported from your P-Card vendors. Detailed tracking of purchasing information is tied to the true vendor, while payments are made to the issuer of the P-Card.

ACH payments are as easy to manage as traditional paper checks. Once a vendor has been set up with electronic payments, the AP module handles the rest. Upon processing an ACH check run, you’ll be prompted to generate the ACH file, which will in turn be sent to your bank as instructed.

Finally, our Cloud-Based AP module can facilitate Positive Pay per your bank’s specifications. The easily-created export file provides a list for your bank to use as a cross-reference, an important component in check fraud prevention.

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