County Delinquent Tax

The BS&A County Delinquent Tax application tracks delinquent real property taxes, from billing and collection through Foreclosure and Property Sale. Robust forfeiture and foreclosure features include reporting, mail tracking, fees, and sale information.

Comprehensive, Date-Sensitive Reporting

Generate tax notices that include amounts due as of future payoff dates, for single tax years, or for all taxes due on a parcel. Reproduce rolls and reports detailing delinquent taxes due as of a given date. Reports are easily generated on the entire database, on a variety of subsets such as date range or owner name, or separately for each local unit.

Flexibility in Accepting Payments

Easily pay multiple tax years or multiple parcels at once with our Batch Payment process. Search and load multiple records via parcel number, name or address, and make a full or partial payment on these records at once.

Record amounts tendered (cash/check/credit card/EFT/ACH) for payment, helping with end of day balancing.

Use our Interest Date feature when accepting postmarks on mailed payments, or when wishing to accept a payment as if it were a previous date. Interest is adjusted accordingly, reflective of the date you choose.

Accept presettlement payments for taxes not yet on file. The presettlement payment process allows you to accept and record payments for taxes that have not yet been turned in from the local units. Thus, starting March 1, you can accept payments from taxpayers even if you have not yet settled with their local unit.

Accept ACH payments from taxpayers who choose to have money automatically withdrawn from their bank accounts. This can be done at custom intervals (weekly, monthly, quarterly) to allow for different agreements with different taxpayers.

Generate reports on a variety of payment data with multiple breakdowns:

  • Redemption payments can be separated out, complete with the Department of Treasury Form 3725 for submitting County Treasurer Fees to the state.
  • Print a summary of PRE Denial payments along with the breakdown for local/county/state interest.
  • Print reports detailing payment breakdowns per taxing authority.

Provide Information Easily to Outside Sources

Built-in exports provide for the sending of detailed data to printing services, title search companies, tax services, and the state. Custom exports can be also be generated. All reports and notices can be created in PDF format for easy emailing to taxpayers and other interested parties.

Simplified Handling of Adjustments and Corrections

PRE and taxable/assessed value adjustments entered into BS&A’s County Property Tax application can be automatically sent to update the County Delinquent Tax database in real time. When applicable, Delinquent Tax records are instantly updated with the adjusted values and the corresponding increase or decrease in delinquent taxes due. There is no need to enter the adjustment into both applications.

In situations where a Michigan Tax Tribunal adjustment necessitates the refunding of MTT interest, our expanded MTT Refund Interest Calculator will quickly give the amount of interest to be refunded to the taxpayer, complete with breakdowns of what to charge back to local taxing authorities.

Where other corrections need to be made, payments can easily be reversed without losing record of the original payment. Forfeitures can be cancelled and re-forfeited, and all associated fees can be added, removed, or adjusted as necessary. When needed, interest/penalty/fees can be overridden, and manual adjustments can be made to base tax amounts.

Display Expanded Information

In addition to detail screens, utilize our table views to easily see and find information in a list format. We include table views for parcels, receipts, delinquent taxes due records, forfeiture and foreclosure records, and more. Tables are easily sorted by a wide variety of fields, allowing you to easily mark and run reports on the desired records.

Utilize our link to the Tax program’s history file to display all Tax information for a parcel, including years that were not delinquent. See taxes billed and paid for all years on one screen, reducing lookup time for staff while on the phone or at the counter. Our Public Viewing mode even allows for the display of this information in a read-only mode on public terminals, allowing for taxpayers/property searchers to access the information themselves, thereby reducing the demands on county staff. Print history reports showing past years’ values, taxes, and payment history.

Our Attachments System allows you to store any type of file and associate it with a given parcel. For example, emails or letters to a taxpayer, photos of posted properties, or scanned court documents can be viewed and accessed directly from the parcel involved.

Integration with GIS allows you to view maps and gather additional information on parcels.

Full Forfeiture and Foreclosure Process Tracking

Control the forfeiture and foreclosure processes with full tracking of forfeited/foreclosed taxes and all associated interest and fees:

  • Keep track of multiple forfeitures and/or foreclosures for a parcel.
  • Print Certificates of Forfeiture and Foreclosure, as well as Certificates of Cancellation, for filing with the Register of Deeds. Record Liber and Page numbers for all certificates.
  • Generate driving lists for personal visit purposes.
  • Enter return receipts via a quick-entry utility or barcode scanner.
  • Control the process of forfeiting and foreclosing parcels, including the related fees, via user-friendly utilities. You decide when these actions take place.
  • Full reporting for the Foreclosure process includes Notice of Show Cause, Notice of Judgment of Foreclosure, Quit Claim Deeds, Property Transfer Affidavits, and Tax Sale Reports.
  • Detailed Foreclosure, Sale, and Chargeback Spread reports simplify the sale process, giving quick access to information related to the sale of properties, and show in detail the breakdown of losses that need to be charged back to local units.

Advanced Address Features

Update property and mailing addresses directly from our Equalization application. County Delinquent Tax’s Address Proof Utility checks your database for incomplete addresses, thereby reducing the number of undeliverable notices. Store all addresses for any other interested parties.

Bring in Data From Outside Sources

For counties that outsource certified mailings or site inspections, easy-to-use imports are available to bring in the information provided by the outside contractor. Data concerning forfeiture, foreclosure, and redemption certificates can be imported from selected Register of Deeds software applications.

Full Audit Tracking

Every change made in the application is recorded in our Audit Trail for security purposes. Regardless of the type – imported data, changes made on a parcel, changes made in the settings and preferences – each activity creates an audit entry that records the date, time, change performed, and user who made the change. Each parcel can display the audit trail associated with it. Reports can be run to list only specific changes, or changes made during a particular date range.

Tight Integration with BS&A Financial Management Applications

Tax .NET is very tightly integrated with GL/Budgeting .NET, Cash Receipting .NET, and Accounts Payable .NET. Efficient entry of GL numbers makes the interface easy to set up.


Reminders help you keep track of important events, tasks, and deadlines, and can be assigned to specific parcels. An Item Display Filter gives you the option to view All, Expired, or Future reminders. A snooze feature temporarily dismisses the reminder so you can continue with your work.

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