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Budgeting is integral to the financial function of any municipality, and unlike some other systems out there, it is included as part of the BS&A General Ledger module. Our Budgeting feature supports decentralized budget entry, imports of preliminary budgets from spreadsheets, and multiple user-definable budget levels. The final budget document is also completely user-definable, and may be saved as a spreadsheet to give you unlimited options in formatting.

General Ledger’s Budgeting feature allows for budget projections, worksheets, and proposed budget reports that can be used for review and approval, and are fully exportable for use with other analysis tools. It interfaces with our Human Resources module so that you may load the budget with key information such as employee longevity, grade, raises, and benefit projections.

The Budgeting feature lets you build projections based on prior year actuals or the past several rolling years’ actual amounts, and then increase/decrease by percentage. You can review mid-year projections in order to make budget adjustments and/or calculate what-if scenarios.

And, being a fully integrated Cloud-Based solution, the budget information you are reviewing and using is all real-time and provides an additional level of data integrity.

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