Tax/County Tax

The BS&A Tax application bills and collects on property taxes, and provides a variety of tools to aid in balancing, disbursement, and settlement with the County

Multiple Adjustment Types

Multiple adjustments can be added for each adjustment type. Thus, if there are two or three July Boards of Review on a parcel, Tax .NET can easily handle it. In addition to adjustments on PRE, Assessments, and Taxable Value, you can also adjust school districts, property classes, and special acts.

Adjustments Imported Directly from Assessing.NET

Board of Review and Tribunal adjustments are imported directly from Assessing.NET with the touch of a button. There is no need to first export Adjusted Values out of your Assessing database and then import them into Tax .NET.

Tabbed Format on Main Parcel Screen

The main Parcel screen offers quick access to large amounts of info via a tabbed format. Moreover, tabbed seasons enable you to locate season-specific information with one click.

Parcel Summary Pane

The Parcel Summary pane provides seasonal tax bill balance information at a glance. You can view GIS information and parcel images as well.

Flexible Payment Processing

An option to pay all taxes allows you to quickly pay the total amount due across all tax seasons for a particular parcel. Clicking the Details button opens a screen providing essential tax payment information and payment spread details.

The View Journal Entry button drills down to locate specific journal entries for the current payment (when your Tax .NET database is linked with your BS&A Financial Management databases [GL/Budgeting .NET, etc.]).

All Seasons Displayed in Receipt Summary Table

The Receipt Summary table allows you to view payments from all seasons and can easily be indexed by Season. All of the receipt distribution reports, such as the Quick Tax Disbursement, can be run on the current season or multiple seasons.

Quickly Accept Barcoded Payments

Tax.NET quickly processes payments through its barcode payment window. Scan unlimited payments into a temporary storage area, and post them once.

New Tax Year Database Wizard

The New Tax Year Database Wizard walks you through the process of setting up a new tax year. The Wizard allows you to copy application settings, mortgage companies, DDA information, special assessments, millage rates, and more from your previous year tax database. The Wizard also lets you select whether or not to update your tax history.

Comprehensive Audit Trail

Every field and process in Tax .NET has a corresponding audit trail. In addition to all of the Parcel fields and processes, all Taxes Setup and Program Setup areas are audited.

MTT Refund Interest Calculator

The MTT Interest Refund Calculator pre-fills all values to calculate the interest portion to be refunded per parcel. The calculator allows for flexibility in modifying the values you wish to refund and shows the steps taken in the calculation

Quick Access to Linked Application Information

Tax.NET can quickly show important information for a parcel from the following applications: Assessing, Miscellaneous Receivables, Special Assessment, Delinquent Personal Property, and Utility Billing.

Unlimited Years of Tax History

Maintain unlimited years of tax billing and payment history. View each season/year in an easy-to-navigate grid. Drill down for more detailed tax billing and payment information.

Centralized Administration Database

A centralized Administration Database is shared across all applications. Among other benefits, this eliminates the use of redundant user records, greatly improving user administration. Additionally, the use of Groups eliminates the need to set up individual user security by letting you set the same rights for a batch of users at once.

Tight Integration with BS&A Financial Management Applications

Tax .NET is very tightly integrated with GL/Budgeting .NET, Cash Receipting .NET, and Accounts Payable .NET. Efficient entry of GL numbers makes the interface easy to set up.


Reminders help you keep track of important events, tasks, and deadlines, and can be assigned to specific parcels. An Item Display Filter gives you the option to view All, Expired, or Future reminders. A snooze feature temporarily dismisses the reminder so you can continue with your work.

Comprehensive Collection of Built-in Reports… and a Free Report Writer

Why purchase a software product only to then invest more time creating the reports you need? BS&A’s applications come with an extensive list of flexible and easily-customizable reports.

A powerful Report Writer is included at no charge, giving you the ability to create reports you find necessary for your jurisdiction.

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