BS&A Online – Financial Services

Financial Services is a set of services that allow municipal employees the ability to generate financial reports, view Work Order scheduling, and also grant approval for transactions waiting for their approval, based on workflow rules established within the related BS&A .NET applications.

Financial Reporting

Public Financial Reports are also available. These reports allow a municipality to display financial reports from the General Ledger.NET application online, to improve transparency to the general public, while reducing the amount of staff time necessary to provide this transparency. The selected reports can be published directly from the General Ledger.NET application, to be available for public consumption when needed.

The use of BS&A Online – Financial Services also allows for authorized (internal) users to generate and print financial reports from the same web interface. As with approvals, this enables an authorized municipal user to obtain up-to-the-minute data, without the need for installed applications or concerns about network connectivity issues. Similarly, online “widgets” can be added for employees of a municipality, enabling them to view a graphical representation of relevant financial information (such as charts relating to % of budget used) online.


Approvals are available through the BS&A Online – Financial Services through any internet-connected device. These approvals can be processed online for Invoices (from the Accounts Payable .NET application), Purchase Requisitions (from the Purchase Order .NET application), and Manual Journal Entries (from the General Ledger .NET application) with the exact same workflow rules applied as in the applications. By enabling employees to process these approvals online, municipalities are able to overcome problems with connectivity for departments in outlying buildings, as well as enable supervisors to approve transactions from smartphones, significantly decreasing the amount of time necessary to gain approval for a transaction.

Work Order Schedules

Work Order Schedules can also be viewed online, for municipalities utilizing the BS&A Online – Financial Services in conjunction with Work Order .NET. By viewing work orders online, municipal employees can see a detailed schedule of their assigned work orders, so that any changes made to scheduling can be viewed instantly. By handling this through a web interface, the job of dispatching workers to various locations is simplified; there is no need to update the Work Order .NET database and then separately communicate these changes to the workers in the field.

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