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The BS&A Building Department and BS&A Field Inspection applications are collectively known as Community Development. They are virtually identical, but Field Inspection was specifically engineered for inspectors to take their database out into the field with them. Data entered into either application is easily synchronized so both office staff and inspectors are fully up-to-date on permits, code enforcements, certificates, inspections, and all manner of community-development related data.

Project Management and Tracking

Know at a glance the state of your construction projects. Navigate quickly through your requirements, user-defined approvals, permits, bonds, COs, and inspections. Modify project requirements as needed at any point in the process.

  • Clear Process Management Projects allow users to tie unrelated records together for overall process management. Unlimited numbers of permits, inspections, bonds, certificates of occupancy, and user-defined approvals can be bound together into a single Project. The records can be tied in as you go or predetermined through Project Requirements. Any number of default Project Requirements can be configured to jump start all Project types. Requirements show where future records of a given type will be displayed.
  • Easy Navigation of Records The Project’s ability to bind records of different types together allows users to navigate quickly to related records. Missing/incomplete Requirements or records are obvious… know at a glance the state of any Project.
  • Two Views of Inspections All inspections in a Project can be viewed in chronological order, and isolated for each permit that is part of the Project. This dual view lets users quickly see inspections in the big picture as well as the small.
  • Project Linkage A main Project may house an unlimited number of sub-Projects. This is especially important for the tracking of shopping malls, strip malls, condominiums, hospitals, subdivision development, and more. Project linkage can cross property and parcel boundaries. Related projects are only one click away.
  • Easy Modification of Project Requirements Any Project may have its requirements updated at any time by authorized users. New requirements can be added – and unnecessary ones deleted – using a convenient drag-and-drop feature. Requirements can also be re-ordered to match individual Projects’ circumstances.


Track permits from application to finish. Required input before the permit is added ensures that critical information is entered. Select from existing, or add contractors, licensees (and registrations) on-the-fly while adding a permit. Add invoices and take payments. Track the inspection process from beginning to end. Use our workflow and efficiency tools to automate easily forgotten follow-ups and procedures, such as correction notices, e-mails, re-inspection scheduling, fees, and more (all of which may also be done manually).

  • Required Input Ensures Critical Data Entry Required input before the permit is added ensures that critical information is entered. As linkage is created to the contractor and licensee, the program checks for monies owed, license expiration, registration expiration, stop work orders, and warns the user appropriately.
  • Prerequisites for Controlling Issuance Use default or manual Prerequisites to prevent a permit’s premature issuance.
  • Attributes for Controlling Permit Behavior Attributes control how a permit handles fees due, inspections, and required input settings. On insertion, each permit is assigned default attributes from Program Setup. Individual permit behavior can be modified as needed by authorized users.
  • Required Reports Come Standard Census and Dodge reports are standard reports maintained by BS&A.
  • Fee Calculation Our built-in Fee Calculator allows for quick calculations and invoice generation. Whether the measurement is feet of fence, rounded length of wire, number of lights, service amperage, or construction value, your calculation can be automated. Input rounding, output rounding, base fees, minimums, maximums, schedules, and construction valuation calculators are just a few of the settings that can be incorporated to formulate your fees.Building Department .NET includes a Construction Calculator that automates ICC Type of Construction and Use Group calculations. Modify the Table of Construction (TOC) factor table as often as needed. Adjust the Gross Area Modifier as needed to scale your fees up or down. The program also allows for user-defined TOC entries (crawlspaces, garage, attics, etc…).
  • Easily Keep Track of Related Records Add an unlimited number of inspections, images, comments, and external documents. Generate and automatically save letters with our Microsoft Word-integrated letter generation and template tools. Link in Bonds, add and issue temporary or final Certificates of Occupancy. Add invoices, take full or partial payments. Review all financial transactions for the record in a single view. If needed, place a Stop Work Order on your permit to halt activity on the property until major issues are resolved. Flag the property record if there is something that everyone should be aware of. All related records are pulled together below the permit in an easy-to-navigate data tree view.

Contractors and Licensees

Track contractors and licensees. Associate multiple licensees with one contractor record. Track registrations. Generate local license numbers if required. Track contractor permit histories, bonds, outstanding balances, flags, comments, and letters. If desired, the software can warn when a registration, license, or insurance has expired. The software always gives warning when: money is due, the contractor is flagged, or if there is a Stop Work Order on the property, project, or permit.


Track all property maintenance issues. This full-featured module offers detailed storage for all inspections, violations, correspondence, images, and more. Use our workflow and efficiency tools to automate your follow-up of open issues, such as correction notices, e-mails, re-inspection scheduling, fees, and more (all of which may also be done manually).

  • Track All Property Maintenance and Zoning Issues Our full-featured Enforcement module offers all the tools required for tracking an issue from discovery to resolution. Record inspection results, log violations and comments, attach images, and generate letters to build your case history. Invoice for fines or services rendered by your municipality. Apply penalties for late payment and/or transfer delinquent amounts to taxes. Place a Stop Work Order on a property in violation. Use our workflow and efficiency tools – such as emails, re-inspection scheduling, correction notices, and more – to keep your follow-up on track.
  • Violation Tracking Track the state of each violation separately. Enter violations using the keyboard, handwriting recognition (using Field Inspection .NET on a tablet), Quick Text entries, or select from custom inspection checklists. Reuse the violation text in repair letters and reports. Use our Field Inspection Software to greatly speed up your handling of inspection data.


Through our flexible Certificate module, track Rental, Fire, or any other user-definable certificate types. This module is capable of tracking any type of recurrent record. Mass renewals, generation of invoices, application of annual fees, and transfer of delinquent amounts to taxes are a few of the automated time-saving processes available. Use our workflow and efficiency tools to automate your follow-up of open issues, such as correction notices, e-mails, re-inspection scheduling, fees, and more (all of which may also be done manually).

Inspection Scheduling/Tracking

Use our flexible scheduler to set your appointments, schedule holidays, vacations, meetings, etc, as well as inspections. Track violations: location, details, and status. Use the violation text in repair letters/e-mails. Use our Microsoft Word-integrated Letter Generator to automate correspondence, which is then saved to the inspection from which it was generated, as well as being linked to the property. Send an e-mail with inspection details or a text message with inspection results. Use our workflow and efficiency tools to automate your follow-up of open issues, such as correction notices, e-mails, re-inspection scheduling, fees, and more (all of which may also be done manually).

Our Field Inspection software can greatly speed your handling of inspection data.

Ad Hoc Inspection Types Inspection Groups

Many times inspectors are called on for inspections other than permits, enforcements, certificates, and Certificates of Occupancy. When flexibility is what you need, the Inspection Groups module is the answer – any type of inspection holding record can be set up and tracked with the same thoroughness of “standard” inspections.

Tight Integration with BS&A Financial Management Applications

Our Building Department Software can run stand-alone or be seamlessly integrated with some of our other applications: Field Inspection; Cash Receipting; GL/Budgeting; Accounts Payable; Miscellaneous Receivables; Assessing and Tax.

Comprehensive Collection of Built-in Reports… and a Free Report Writer

BS&A’s applications come with an extensive list of flexible and easily-customizable reports. A powerful Report Writer is included at no charge, giving you the ability to create reports you find necessary for your jurisdiction.

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